Gn’R vs VR

I’m a little Jealous of E-Balls and Yellster after they saw the Gunners in Sydney on the weekend, but since I saw them last year in Baltimore, I didn’t see the need to spend $150+ to see them again. Although the performance with Angry might have made it worthwhile!

But, thing is, even a hardened Gunners fan like me knows, there’s not much life left in the monster that is G’n’F’n’R. Sure, Axl still has the vocal chords. He’s look pretty fit for a 45 yr old, and he has a decent band backing it up. But we all know, it’s not really Gunners.

THIS band is more Gunners than Axl.

Their new song kicks arse and their new album, Libertad, comes out next week.

With 3 members from the ‘Use Your Illusion’ Gunners and the one and only Slash and the fact that they can produce an original album in less than 16 years makes Velvet Revolver miles ahead of Chinese Democracy (You snooze, you lose)

They are proposed to be touring here again at some stage and I highly recommend them after catching them a couple of years back. See Slash in the flesh!!

A clip from the old days..

Aaaah…takes me back.


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