Sunday Free Association

I have been meaning to do this for a while.

Unconscious Mutterings posts new words every Sunday and then it’s up to you to associate those words however you’d like…

So, here goes…..

  1. Compulsion :: Obssession
  2. Spiritual :: God
  3. Spray :: Toilet
  4. Compatibility :: Test
  5. Pursuit :: Trivial
  6. Fake :: Tits
  7. Mobile :: Phones are expensive…
  8. Ceremony :: Wedding
  9. Ribbons :: Presents
  10. Mozart :: Waltz

Well, that really doesn’t reveal anything deep, but anyway. Good bit of blog fodder!

Other tidbits –

  • I slept nearly 12 hours last night. It was the best thing. I needed it after the shite week I’ve had.
  • Why can’t the government do anything about petrol stations/oil companies when it’s so obvious to the world that the prices go up and down every weekend. Tuesday is the cheapest day. Thursday or Friday is the most expensive. Explain why bastardos!
  • Borders is the best store around. It’s a pity it’s American. 3 box sets for the price of 2 at the moment!
  • Check out Aurelius’ Blog and then check out the site he recommends. It’s Amazing. Hours of entertainment. Watch it while you can, because once it’s discovered, I bet it will be gone.
  • Tim Tams are the best food group ever invented.

That’ll do.

This week will be better, because I have lots to look forward to at the end of the week 🙂


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