No..Noooo..It’s Saturday!

Look, I will be the first to admit, that when I was 10, I enjoyed “Hey, Hey It’s Saturday“. Daryl was and always is a tool, but it was entertaining TV, from your Dickie Knees to your Red Faces, to your Plucka Ducks, but seriously, Daryl, do you have to bring it back?

I don’t even watch Crapping with The Stars, but isn’t Daryl just the most cringe-worthy host ever on Australian TV? I remember the horrendous interviews he used to do on Hey Hey with the pretty good guests that the show used to attract.

But…to be fair, there were funny parts to Hey Hey. I mean, the band, for one. Wilbur, Red..and that Trumpet player dude.

Maybe I’m just getting too old and jaded but I just think it’d be better if something a bit more original could be considered.


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6 responses to “No..Noooo..It’s Saturday!

  • Snoskred

    Oh no, another embarrassing Snoskred moment. I will admit. when I was in year 7 at school, I was crazy about Red Symons. He made me laugh, setting me up for a lifetime of being attracted to men who could make me laugh. I think that’s a good thing, I guess. 😉

    I loved Hey Hey but I think it did everything it could have done. Not sure it can make any kind of useful return.

    Hey, you changed the graphic. It’s nice but I liked the old one too.. 😉


  • duneprincess

    I always liked Darryl. I think you’re being pretty harsh.

  • alyndabear

    I don’t like Darryl – he makes me cringe.
    Bringing it back.. isn’t it going to spoil the good bits from the past?

  • Dean

    “that trumpet player dude”

    James Morrison perhaps?

  • LaLa

    I am kind of hesitant to admit this, but I own “The Best Bits of Hey Hey” on dvd.
    My old flatmate was English and heard me talking about it one Saturday night and bought it for me for Christmas.

    Jackie Mac and Wilbur were my favourites and I knew one of the Plucka Duck girls. She got Wilbur to say hello to me one night. I thought he was HOTT.

  • Mick

    Snoskred – Red Symonds is a sarcastic bum, but yeah, funny. I used to like his dry humour on Red Faces. Thanks. I thought the header needed a refresh 🙂

    duneprincess – He’s an Australian institution, but sometimes he just makes me wish I was in one because of his cringeworthiness and BORINGness

    Aly – Yeah. I sure hope they don’t call it the same thing at least. It doesn’t really matter though, I doubt I’ll watch it.. Daryl is the reason I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars! If Paul McDermott hosted it, I would be tempted!

    Dean – Nah…not James Morrison. He just came on now and then and performed. I just remember their regular trumpeter used to try and get air time sometimes…

    LaLa – Well, that’s the thing. The best bits, were probably pretty good. I think that some of the randomness and live stuff was great, but the format just got a bit old after a while.

    Wilbur is a legend. He was on Spicks and Specks the other week and was still pretty funny. Jackie was the best. So damn ditzy. 🙂

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