No good, slack-arse, bastard pricks.

And that’s the nice way of describing the cunts that broke into my car last night.

Some time between 11pm and 4am.


Work Laptop – Brand new. Work and Personal data on it. Laptop case included with my own mouse, USB stick and Rego Papers (including sticker) for my 2 cars.

Kenneth Cole Jacket – Bought in the US. Beautifully warm. Eclipse mints in hidden pocket.

Paperwork – Bank Statements, Superannuation crap, Mobile Bills.

Keys – To my mates place that I am house-sitting. Fortunately none of the paperwork contained the address to that place, so the keys are pretty much useless. But I am worried where they might TRY and use them from the addresses on the bills.

They also totally fucked the ignition to my car (trying to steal it).

Because it’s the sort of person I am, I am trying to find the positives to this and work out WHY it happened.

  • At least they didn’t steal the car (no insurance!)
  • At least my sunglasses and wallet weren’t in the car (although I have no idea where my sunglasses are)
  • At least they didn’t take the half case of Pure Blonde that was in the boot. (I’ll need that tonight)
  • My USB stick was only a 512Mb one. Now I can get a 1Gb one.
  • At least the laptop wasn’t my personal one. (thank fuck)

It’s more frustrating and annoying than anything else, but also means $65 for a new ignition, $33 for new rego stickers, not to mention that the jacket was worth a couple of hundred bucks and the laptop probably 1 and half grand.

Great thing to lose after only working there 6 weeks!

Look, I never should have left the laptop or jacket in the car in the first place, but who’d have thought there were hoodlums roaming the streets of McKellar on a Wednesday night?

As to why it happened? That is something that will be revealed later…. 


Fuckers. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

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12 responses to “No good, slack-arse, bastard pricks.

  • duneprincess

    !!!! those rude mofo’s!

    I applaud you trying to see the positive in all this although, if I were you, I’d be sitting in the corner darkly muttering for all sorts of plague and pestilence to befall those sonsofbitches.

  • Alyndabear

    I’m so sorry – I hope karma bites them on the ARSE. Bastards. 😦

  • LaLa

    Pack of shunts.

    I am making little faceless dolls as I type.

  • enny

    You think there was a reason for them to do it?

    That’s sh!t.

    (Is McKellar in Belco?!)

  • Living in Canberra

    Jeez! I was pissed off enough when some pricks crashed a shopping trolley into my car at Belco Mall. Hope the little bastards wrap themselves around a tree sometime soon.

    How does your work treat the loss of a laptop? At mine, we’re under strict instructions not to leave them in our car at night, preferably at all.

  • halfhaggis

    But if you were really as positive as you claim, you would’ve put the positives at the beginning of the post and have glossed over the negatives.

    You’d also be less angry. Anger isn’t very positive.
    Why did it happen? What does that matter? If you knew, would any of the things become unstolen or unbroken?
    If the “fuckers” get what’s coming to them, how will that change anything? Your laptop, jacket, paperwork, and keys will be just as stolen as they are now.

  • LaLa

    People are funny ‘ey?

    How interesting that on what has ultimately been a pretty traumatic day for Mick, you decide to question his postivity and take him to task on his anger.

    I think if you read back over the post Mick is TRYING to find the positives in a very negative and confronting situation.

    I am not quite sure what you would prefer him to do? Applaud and admire the thieves?

  • Mick

    I know there can be no reasonable reason for it. (unless they wanted me to have the crappest day ever) but I was trying to work out why this had to happen. What will be the result of me losing this stuff (AND MY IPOD WHICH I JUST REALISED LAST NIGHT). Will the result be that I am more diligent and I won’t lose something more valuable? I dunno. I just like to think about the bigger scheme of life.

    LIC – Work was cool with it. They understood that shit happens and it’s covered on insurance. I just had to fill in forms and stuff.

    halfhaggis – LaLa is right. Most people would see NO positives out of yesteday, but at least I try and sit back and look at them and work something positive out of it. Tell me what you would do.

    At the end of the day I am angry, damn angry. And sure, it’s a wasted emotion, but it’s still hard to feel calm about someone violating my property. I am a pretty calm person and hardly get wound up at all, but when people fuck with my shit, I get pissed.

  • enny

    Ah ok – I thought you meant that you knew there was a reason for it that you were going to reveal – like a murder mystery novel!

    It’s still sh!t though.

  • LaLa

    Oooh. Just like in Murder… She Wrote.

  • halfhaggis

    Hmm. Rereading my comment I see how it might have been construed as a little confrontational. Sorry about that — not intentional.

    My point was kind of this: In my experience, under any given conditions, an angry response to any situation has never resulted in a positive outcome.
    It really is the most useless, destructive emotion one can experience.

    It is difficult to not get angry when something like this happens, but it is possible. It just takes practice. Admittedly, quite a lot of practice.

    Ultimately, your anger just destroys your own happiness. Imagine if you got to your car, found it tampered with and your possessions stolen, and your emotional response was “oh well” instead of “what the fuck? those motherfuckers! How dare they?”
    I’m not saying this is easy, or natural, but it is conceivably possible.
    So just imagine you weren’t bent out of shape even the slightest bit. Everything else that happened still happened. Car broken into. Possessions stolen. Only this time, you haven’t allowed your happiness to be stolen along with the material things.

    And the thieves didn’t steal your happiness. You stole it from yourself.

    Once again, I’m not saying it’s easy, because it bloody well isn’t. It is possible though.

  • agimum77

    Hmm it was very interesting reading all these comments but personally I think that even though Mick did show anger at first it was just an initial response….and I am sure everyone would feel that way at first. But he bounced back pretty quickly and I applaud him for seeing the positive in it and ultimately NOT letting it rob him of his happiness! Mick is one of the most positive and easy going person I know….and I should know …I am his Mum…and I am the same…smile!

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