Life is a book…

.. Mine is titled, “He never forgot to duck.”

I just watched Stranger Than Fiction.

Whether you like Will Ferrell or not, this is a movie to watch. I personally love him in ANYTHING he is in ( I want to see Blades of Glory!!), but this is a very different role for him. He is excellent in it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal? Divine. Gorgeous and sexy as hell.

But I don’t want to gush about the movie, just grab the DVD and see it.

I want to talk about life being a book. A series of scripted events, that you have no control over.

Some people call it fate  Some people call it destiny.

I don’t hide the fact that I believe in both.

I often get the distinct feeling that everything I do, everyday, no matter how apparently insignificant means something. It happens for a reason.

Maybe it happens so that consequently something else can happen. Just like the person that bends over to tie up a shoelace and the bullet flies over their head, or conversely like the time you open the car door and a bird shits on your arm. If you didn’t do THAT thing at THAT time, those things would not have happened.

It is these feelings that help me accept my path in life. Sometimes good things happen. Sometimes bad things happen. There’s no point in dwelling in the bad, but, oh yes, there is a point in savouring the good. Besides, bad things happen for a reason, and usually just so that something good can happen later.

I may be Mr. Positive-Glass Half Full, but don’t go making fun. It’s the way I chose to live my life and I believe I am happier for it.

I love the concept in the movie and the final scenes with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. It wraps it up very nicely.

If your life was a book. What would it be called?

C’mon. Comment! Tell me. I couldn’t think of anything inspirational for mine.


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