As I suck on my Passion Mango Boost Smoothie…

..I’ll tell you about weight fluctuations.

It’s a funny thing. I heard a girl who was pregnant the other day say that she was gaining 2 kilo’s a week at the moment as he baby grew. I thought to myself, “Wow….that’s a lot..”

But then I did a little experiment..

On Sunday night, after stuffing myself stupid with cupcakes, birthday cake, lollies, sausages and freckles, I then played indoor soccer (could I be more stupid?) and then went home.

I discovered some solar powered digital scales at my mates place that I am looking after and I jumped stepped lightly on.


Crikey. I was 77.5kg about a month ago. Better lay off the KFC Hot & Spicy chicken filletsss…drooool…

I then stepped on again, just to check.


Hmm…maybe I am in between the 2 and it only goes in increments of .2

So, I went to bed, slept like a log and just before my shower, tried again.


Wow. I lost a kilo in my sleep. Sweet. I guess all the cake has disintegrated in my stomach!

I then had to partake in some sudoku (cough cough..) and weighed again.


Well…I was on there a while..

Monday. Work. Sushi Rolls. Indoor Cricket. Home.


Tuesday Morning. Feeling decidedly uninspired to drive to work…


I just lost 2 kilo’s in around 36 hours.

How does that work? Do we fluctuate that much, or is it just me?

Maybe it’s the amount of water I drink? (a couple of litres a day)

Maybe the scales are just crappy?

Who knows, but I think I’ll just stay off the scales now.  (or throw them out the window)

And girls? Don’t worry about scales. They just encourage the rollercoaster. It’s really not worth it!

You really do look much much better than you think.

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4 responses to “As I suck on my Passion Mango Boost Smoothie…

  • nick cetacean

    Um, I’ll take crappy scales for 20, Don.

    The real clue is when you get two very different readings inside a minute…

  • Alyndabear

    I think it IS water levels and the rest of it…. and dodgy batteries, beware of dodgy batteries.

    Bloody scales. They’re leading me by the hand at the moment… gah!

  • LaLa

    Some scales you need to tap with your foot so that it resets properly. Then weigh yourself.

    Or just throw the things in the fucking bin where they belong 🙂

    I am sure all the girls thank you for your kind words. A lot.

  • Lady E!

    Depending where, when & how one weighs’ll vary. If one’s scale is on a carpeted surface vs a tiled surface the scale will give different weights…try it sometime. Weigh consistently…same time daily, and in the same clothing…better yet…no clothing!

    My opinion? Throw the scale out…it’s about how one’s clothing feels on oneself. One will know when it’s time to lose a couple of kilos…just a couple. No dramatic weight loss necessary to feel comfy in one’s clothing again. I don’t care what anyone says….none of this size 2 business….curves are in!

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