I shouldn’t be up….but…

I just thought I would check my email before I went to bed…and what do I find?

The Cure, after farewelling Australia all those years ago…are back.

I have to go. You don’t understand. I HAVE to go.

They are a band that has shaped me and changed my life when I was young. I was a late-comer to the bandwagon, but when I bought Wish on a whim, I fell in love and now have everything they’ve made.

The Cure are one of those bands that only certain people like. Am I destined to go alone?

Someone….anyone. Who wants to come with me?

Friday the 10th of August. Sydney Entertainment Centre. (up to) 120 bucks.

Pre-sale opens on Tuesday. Don’t let me go by myself….but I will if I have to!


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