I’m just preparing myself to go and watch the 2nd State of Origin. $2 Schooners is a nice sweetener as well.

Just as long as those bloody Queenslanders get what’s coming to them this time. None of this come from behind shit this time.

And throw in a bit of biff. All the build-up to this match has been talking about how NSW need to get more physical and how they were soft in the first game. It’s true! The Blues just didn’t muscle up, and it will be up to Mason, Bailey, Hindy and Kite to really bash them up front this time. It’s not easy when you have big Civoneciva and Webb running at you. I think I’d run away like a little girl…

Speaking of girls. Girls who like Rugby League are HOTT. There’s just not enough of them. Sure, there’s lots of girls who like Aussie Rules or Rugby or Football, but where’s the Rugby League Chicks? My cousin is an Eels supporter and lives in Sydney. I think it’s great that she goes to games when she can.

Not that a girl has to like Rugby League to be HOTT, but…well…it’s an advantage 😉

NSW by 30!


Edit: PISSED OFF.  Blues sucked. No go forward. VERY crap.



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