Powderchair or Silverfinger?

One of them formed as a High School band in 1989

The other started playing in Primary School in 1992

One of them had their break-through album in 1996

The other had their smash hit debut album in 1995

One has just released their 6th album

The other has just released album No. 5

The lead singer in one went on his own to record an album in 2005 which was hugely successful

The lead singer in the other recorded a side project which was moderately succesful in 2004

Both bands are Australian

Both bands have good and bad qualities

Both bands will be touring together throughout Australia in 2007.


Silverchair .

(photos by the awesome Boudist)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen either of them in concert, so I can’t wait.

Bring it on!


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