3 Days. 2 People. 1 Wedding. 0 Degrees.

My current cynicism about weddings and marriage aside, it was a beautiful day.

Being Best Man for my own Best Man was nice reciprocity and I was proud of my mate taking the leap after being with his perfect match for 10 years.

Tim & Bec Cutting The Cake

They’re in Japan. I’m in their house.

I had a fantastic weekend, not just because of the wedding, but also because I got to spend it with my wonderful girl.


It’s a nice short week.

NSW will be kicking the Cane Toads butt on Wednesday. (I am ignoring the poor Eels effort from the weekend)

Work will start to get interesting.

Paris is back in the slammer.

Only around 160 Days before John Howard is put out to pasture (or put out of his misery..and ours)

NSW got rain (although way too much)

Life is good.


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