Paris Hilton fakes it!

Well, I am sure she does, but besides that she has convinced the authorities that she is sick.

Wonder what the little bitch did to help with that.

3 days. Who won the tipping comp for the length of time she’d stay in there?

I lost. I thought she’d get out of going all together.

Now, how long before the monitoring ankle bracelet doesn’t fit in with her eyeshadow and is removed?


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6 responses to “Paris Hilton fakes it!

  • D. Peace

    I can’t believe that there were people in the media naive enough to believe that this would somehow teach her humility and responsibility. It didn’t. Nothing will, she thinks she’s above everyone else.

    Screw her. She sucks and everyone knows it.

    14:59, Paris. Your clock is ticking.

  • Lady E!

    She’s back in jail…where she belongs…I only wish the jail sentence was longer. I detest spoiled brats!

  • Skye

    hey .. who cares about Paris! its all bout me 🙂 .. lol did u get my emails? nobody has been answering the emails i sent that nite so i dont know if anyone got them please let me know i feel unloved 😦 I need a hug …

  • duneprincess

    I am so amazingly happy that not only has she now since been sent back to jail but not she has to serve the whole 40 days! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Suck it Paris. 😀

  • duneprincess

    *now she has

  • Cazzie

    LOL, I thought she would not do time at all, same as you. you are too funny..her anklet not accesorising, ahaha.

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