Share House #1. The End.

This is the last night in this house. It has been a good experience and I’m a bit disappointed that I have to move out, but things are in the pipeline for my next living situation, and I am optimistic that it will work out well…

Things I have learnt after my first share house experience:

  • Little yappy dogs that shed lots of hair attribute to early morning wake-ups and hair of the dog…in my mouth. Blech.
  • Sure, my housemate stole some of my honey and tissues, but I was using his Washing Detergent and butter, so, it all evens out 🙂
  • No matter how much I tried to ignore it, it annoyed be every day that my HM left the TV and his computer on 24 hours a day.
  • HM’s that don’t lock all the doors of the house piss me off. My shit is in this house too, you fucker.
  • Why can’t you pull the doors shut quietly in the mornings when you go to work at 6.45am. Bang. Crash. Thump. Every. Single. Morning.
  • Having my own bathroom is a sweet deal. I shared for a while, but when he left, it was great. He never cleaned the thing anyway
  • Don’t trust HM’s washing up. I swear he just waved it under a cold water tap. There was always some grime or crunchy bits left over.
  • Don’t walk around the house naked when you think there’s no-one home. Just because it’s quiet, doesn’t mean anything!

So, next stop? Back home with my Dad, his gf, my grandmother and my sister. Fun times!

It’s only for a week or so though before I am house-sitting for 3 weeks, and then a further 4 weeks after that at another place.

Back to being a nomad (a’la Washington 2006)

After that? Stay tuned 🙂


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6 responses to “Share House #1. The End.

  • duneprincess

    I remember my last share house experience (coincidence that I started living alone after that? No). He didn’t wash his dishes at all. I would let it be for a week and a half before I’d gently ask if he was going to wash his dishes before they became self-aware 😛 God he was a grot.

  • LaLa

    Gah. Dog hairs.

    You are better off, you can make a fresh start now and live with someone who turns the tele off!

  • Aurelius

    Following this post, and LaLa’s post, if I write a post about some of the eccentric house-mates I’ve had, does that make it a meme? Coz I hate them.

  • enny

    I learnt that ppl living in Sharehouses seem to think they do more cleaning than they actually do… and that I’m not a very good sharehousemate ;o)

  • Mick

    DunePrincess – It seems that the grotty HM is a common threat. I will have to avoid them 🙂

    LaLa – Yes..Fresh start would be great and no dog hairs in my throat! gah…I have to wash everything now..

    Aurelius – Ha..No…we will not declare it a meme. Just a random selection of posts about similar subjects 😉

    Enny – Yeah..i just clean the bits that look grotty and I would be embarrassed about. I am not a clean-freak by any stretch, but it seems there are lots out there….

  • steph

    I will be homeless and living in a cardboard box before I would share house again.
    I have a friend who just told me the grossest story EVER, and I’ll blog it soon.

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