Don’t become another Statistic. Implement a Dead Blog Switch NOW!

This is a rather morbid post, but what with my toe hurting like a sonofabitch and the possibility of getting run over by a delinquent footy player in Bruce, I thought I would write some thoughts down…about…


It was brought to my attention recently that a post on a fellow WordPressers blog was to be their final post ever.


Because they had future dated the blog entry (as you can do in WordPress) to appear on a certain date.

This particular post had been pre-written as a self penned eulogy.  However, it was more of an ambiguously worded post about new directions. The idea was, that she would keep pushing the future date forward while she could, but if she couldn’t get on to the Internet to push forward the date any more, it would mean one thing, that her lung cancer had won.

It made me sad, but it made me think.

What happens to all those bloggers out there if they happen to up and die one day? Car Accident, crazed Axe murderer, Brain Hemorrhage. How would we know?

I mean, bloggers up and leave their blogs all the time. According to the Gartner Group there are over 200 million abandoned blogs. Sure, usually they will leave one final post saying they’ve had enough, run out of muse or their partner found out about it and gave them an ultimatum, but sometimes they just …. disappear.

So where’d they go? What happened? Will they be back? We eagerly scan our feeds and blogs every day, trying to share in the lives of fellows bloggers, and if something were to happen to one of them, it’s like the last page of the book has been torn out. WE NEED TO KNOW!

Here’s what I propose. Leave a pre-written post about what might have happened (ie. Pauline Hanson’s “If you’re watching this, it means I have been murdered” video) with a loved one, a trusted friend (with access to your blog), or future date it like Huniii did. There was even an episode of My Name is Earl recently, where Earl had to chat to all the friends of an Internet Geek who died suddenly to let them know he had died. That was of course a nice gesture by our friend Earl Hickey, but most people wouldn’t have others that could do that for them, or even thought about asking them.

Trains, Elevators, Snowmobiles and even Computers have a Dead Mans Switch,  so in this case let’s call it a Dead Blog Switch.

Isn’t it time you wrote about what you want people to see when you die?


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4 responses to “Don’t become another Statistic. Implement a Dead Blog Switch NOW!

  • enny

    I had no idea she future dated it – how could you tell?!

  • Jonathan Deamer

    That’s so poignant…just that act of facing up to death so much that you go round tying up loose ends like that. Very sad.

  • Cazzie

    My husband would soon post something if I was to up and die. I csan afely say, however, that having cheated death but 2 years ago, I have done what it is I wanted to do in life. No, this does not mean that I would not continue to live and enjoy every single new day, every singl new experience, every rain drop that falls on my head(Ohh, we are in drought..cross that out then, LOL). It means, if I were to die in an accident today, I would have been happy to know I treated mySELF and those who care for me, and I them, with respect and gave everyday my all.
    For, those who are important to you don’t mind who you are, and those who are not important don’t matter anyhow.
    My blog friends are important, so they will know when my time comes, and they will know that I gave life my all…they know my time was not meant to be up 2 years ago.

    Huniii is gorgeous, she lives still in spirit, through her blog friends and will be remembered so. Bless her lovely little family.

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