I am an idiot…

..now now…stop nodding so quickly….

I have an ingrown toenail on my right big toe and it’s been hurting like a bastard for the last few weeks.
I have a stupid (yet somehow enjoyable) habit of picking at my toenails (and fingernails) with my fingers and I have had an ingrown before which got bad enough that I needed a doctor to dig it out.

Wanna see pictures? Of course you do, but alas, I am at work, and have no access to my camera right now.

So, I have been trying to dig the sucker out with the pointy bit on toe clippers or manicure scissors, but so far, I’ve had no luck in getting that pointy bit out. I have had the blood and the pus and I think I am about to break and call the doctor.

(In fact, I did just call my doctor only to get a recorded message saying call back after 8.30am. Bloody Hell. Talk about an early mark (It was 3.45pm))

Any home remedies out there? I am going to try soaking my feet a bit tonight to soften it all up, but it’s looking so gross right now that I think it’s too far gone.

And goddamn if it doesn’t hurt when my sister decides to step right ON my foot where it hurt on Sunday. Bloody sisters. That’s what they’re good for. HURTING their big brothers.

On a side note. I now have a pedometer at work and I have walked (on my sore toe and all) 4,225 steps so far today. Huzzah!

Mind you, I’m supposed to do 10,000 steps a day. Poo.


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6 responses to “I am an idiot…

  • Miss Frou Frou

    Ooh yuk! You need to keep getting the infection out, and try soaking in salty water. Or if you’ve got lavendar essential oil put some of that on it, that too will help with infection… but I think you need to see the quak! My nephew’s toenail was so bad, constant ingrown toenail, that they took the nail completely off and dried it out.

  • LaLa

    Here is my suggestion…

    You boys… so silly.

  • TJ

    I just recovered from an absolutely *vile* one (don’t play soccer barefoot…)

    Went to the doctor, got antibiotics to clear up the infection, and then finally doped myself up on painkillers and stabbed it with sharp scissors. Got to get the expanded nail bed out. Lots of pus, blood, pain etc

    Cleared up like a charm after that! Kinda. Sorta.

    ^ Please note: this is not recommended practice. In hindsight, it was a dumbfuck thing to do and may well have left me known as Nine-Toed Pete…

  • Alyndabear

    Good legal system they’ve got over there…

    Maybe Paris has a toenail infection?

  • Alyndabear

    For some reason this comment ended up here.. how fitting.. but it WAS in response to the Paris thing.

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