Pros, Cons.



I can walk outside in a t-shirt in May and not freeze my arse off.
People know how to drive there, even if they are aggressive  and rude.
Toll Roads. Now you can get anywhere you want without worrying about lights.
I played the Pirates of the Carribean pinball game for 1 hour on $2 waiting for my bus back to Canberra.
Going to a workplace and being able to talk Rugby League with the staff. None of your bloody Aussie Rules for IT Professionals in Sydney Town!
So many choices when it comes to food. Eat something different every day!
Getting to see my girl.


The traffic is mind-numbingly constant and tests your patience and it takes a long time to go almost anywhere.
Toll Roads. I think I spent about 45 bucks in tolls in 4 days. (the wrong way on the M2 didn’t help)
Smog. Pollution. Stinky Air. Blech.

That is all.


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I've been around a while. I like to wrap myself around the warm security of the interwebs which have consumed me since 1993. I whinge, I rant, I crap on. Enjoy. View all posts by Mick

3 responses to “Pros, Cons.

  • Alyndabear

    Seein’ yer girl should be ALL worth it, smoggy air and all. And it isn’t smoggy where I am! 😛

    I’m the queen of getting lost on freeways and paying excessive tolls. *cough* Harbour Bridge TWICE getting lost to Manly. *cough* Going city-bound on the M5 instead of south-bound. *cough* I suck at driving!

  • LaLa

    Smoggy moggy. Have a teaspoon of cement and harden up 😀

  • Eternal B

    ok, – spill it!! I want to know about the lady!!

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