My Teams Suck…

2 losses within 10 hours.


First my Blues went down to the Cane Toads in what can only be described as a horseshit second half. They were excellent in the first half and then decided that they didn’t need any more points and let the Maroons in for 3 quick tries.

I don’t know why I listened to the Channel 9 commentary either. Gus Gould made the stupid comment about 10 minutes into the second half that NSW shouldn’t be looking for points, they should be looking to be smart and play defensively.

You fuckstick Gould. Why don’t you just shut the hell up. I really cannot STAND your bullshit ‘expert’ commentary any more.

Roy & HG for Game II.

And then, after a whole 2 1/2 hrs sleep. Yes….not even 3 hours. I got up, drove to the Sports Centre and watched my beloved Reds go down to AC Milan in the Champion League Final. Again, my team had the better of the first half, but let in a goal right on half time. (A crappy goal, off a shoulder that COULD have been called handball), and then, not even Harry, could save them in the second half after another goal from Inzaghi. A late goal from (how the fuck do you pronounce it) Kuyt was not enough to stop AC from taking the Cup that Liverpool robbed them of 2 years ago.

So overall, it’s been a crappy day so far.

Now…on 2 1/2 hrs sleep, I have to go and watch over the shoulder of a 2nd Level Lotus Notes support person and find out what the hell he does all day. All Day. Today.

I predict that by about 12:30 I will be TRASHED.


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3 responses to “My Teams Suck…

  • enny

    Why only 2.5 hrs sleep?

    The Hun watched both (he was also whinging about the league commentator) but he got up at 5am for the Soccer (Liverpool is his team too!).

  • Mick

    I stayed up too late organising music for my mate’s wedding (till 12:30). I then set the alarm for 3am, so I could drive from Tuggers to Lyneham to watch the Champions League final.

    Must. Sleep. Now.

    Right. NOW.

    Night 🙂

  • nick cetacean

    Another Liverpool fan here.

    Watched the second half to see that Liverpool were a goal down, though they might do it until Kaka and Inzaghi brilliantly beat the offside trap.


    And it pronounced Kout as in lout with no clout.

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