Geek Update

We’ll call them Bill and Ted. (not to be confused with the cool Bill and Ted)

2 nerds that really need a life. It seems they have become best friends and are now sitting together in one temporary bay (for the next week) reading SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and Documentation…

….and of course discussing the intricacies of installing Linux on a Playstation 3.

The scary part? By some weird shift in the universe, the one with the hunchback, thick rimmed glasses and tuft of fluff on his chin is MARRIED.

I would like to see his wife. Really…I would…

Nerd Boy meets….

Nerd Girl.

They live happily ever after in their wireless universe.

You know what no wires means? Means you don’t have to be connected to anything…

Could be the basis of their marriage.


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One response to “Geek Update

  • MadameBoffin


    See, my undying belief in science is always slightly shaken when given clear evidence of a direct contravention of Darwinian law. By all rights, those two should NEVER mate.

    Mind you, my faith in the beauty of evolution is strengthened by the following statement:

    “discussing the intricacies of installing Linux on a Playstation 3”

    …if they keep that up then evolution will win – they won’t EVER mate. 😉

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