First Day. Geeks Included.

For a first day. On a scale of 1 to 10 in boredomness? It was a 53.

We were given 2 documents to read. One was 86 pages long and read like a tender response. The other was a Service Level Document stating what was expected of the company on site.

BORRRRINGGGG. It’s like reading a random page of IT jargon. I can’t even remember examples because I seriously didn’t take any of it in. I was busy thinking about more exciting things…..

Fortunately that was just Day 1 and we had no PC access, no building pass and no work.

Tomorrow I attend a meeting with the outgoing Lotus Notes Team, and my work will begin.

Throw me in the deep end. I can doggy-paddle ๐Ÿ™‚

6 people started with me today. 2 of them were geeks of the highest order.

Picture this:

  • Mid 20’s
  • Home Computer Networks in EVERY operating system connected via wireless bridges….blah blah blah
  • University Graduates
  • Ex-Public Service
  • Talking LOUDLY about World of Warcraft Guilds in Canberra

I had good chats with a couple of the other guys, and the guy I will be working with seems like a decent pom.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty and meeting the clients…

…and leaving the geeks waaaayy behind.


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