How SHIT are the Logies?

So cheesy, dodgy, long, boring and cringeworthy.

Why don’t they just leave the most ‘Outstanding’ awards on the show and ditch all the ‘Popular’ ones. I mean, Home & Away just win it every year. Do we really care?

At least the most outstanding awards are industry voted.

Still waiting for the Chaser boys to do something exciting though… (pity they didn’t win)

And why, oh why was Steve Irwin given a Hall of Fame Logie? Isn’t that for people who have changed the Australian television industry? Giving a posthumous ‘Hall of Fame’ award less then a year after his death just shows how desperate they were for contenders I guess….

At least there always the Fuglies. I think they will grow to become the REAL Aussie TV awards. Love the Brown Carpet.

Ok. Bed now.


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2 responses to “Bogies…

  • Alyndabear

    Welcome Back!

    And I love the Chaser. They are horribly funny. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Aurelius

    Giving an award to Irwin is just silly. Sure, if you wish to respect him, respect him. But this kind of thing is silly. Should the hairdressers of the nation give him an award? Or the milkmen of Australia? It’s just ridiculous.
    If Irwin got an award, then shouldn’t Peter Brock? He was widely respected, died in similar circumstances, and was on TV a lot more than Irwin was.

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