…kms in 4 days. I’m a bit buggered and I start my new job tomorrow so here’s a quick recap of my last few days in Bendigo and Melbourne….

My sisters grad was good. She didn’t trip, flash the crowd or drop her scroll and everything went very smoothly. It was interesting seeing all of the Nursing graduates in which there was not 1 male. Actually out of all the Social Science and Graphic Design graduates, I think there was a total of about 8 males. From 300 students! Maybe they’re all in the Engineer and IT geek ceremonies…

Drove to Melbourne on Friday morning and after dropping Dad at the airport we went and checked out the Direct Factory Outlet stores in Essendon (Go the Bombers) and after doing laps of the place and getting close to getting extremely bored, I found some pants in the Mambo store that were worthy of having my $25 forked over. I’m a terrible clothes shopper. I see clothes I like and either; Don’t want to fork over $65 for a shirt or can’t see them looking any good on a slob like me. So I just wear clothes that I have worn for 5 years or more until someone buys me something for a birthday or christmas.

I’m terrible for shop with. So indecisive! So is my sister. She was in a girly fashion store and her bf was insistent that she buy something, so she was talked into buying an outfit by their obviously fashion conscious shop assistant who told her the ‘rules’ of colours in an outfit. Apparently red doesn’t go with grey and blue. Who knew? Bah…fashion. Who needs it!

Friday night included a nice dinner at a local mexican restaurant , followed by karaoke at a different Mexican restaurant.

For the record I blasted out ‘Best of You’ by the Foo Fighters and ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ by INXS. It wasn’t until I got up there for the first one that I was told that there had not been another male singing all night and the whole place was filled with women. Staring at me. Attempting to sing. Scary!

The next day was filled with heading to the MCG for my inaugural Aussie Rules encounter at the MCG. After farting around in traffic, attempting to get into every full carpark and seeing the Neighbours tour bus…

The Neighbours Tour Bus

…we managed to find a spot and run over the G. We missed the 1st quarter, but ended up seeing most of the game in which the Bombers threw away a commanding first quarter lead to lose by 35 to the Hawks. I didn’t even care too much, I enjoyed the atmosphere….

MCG Panorama. Bombers v Hawks.

…the size of the crowd…


…the meat pie….

Me. Pie. Footy.

…and the sunset after the game…

Sunset over the Yarra

Drove home today. Took around 7 hours. Won Indoor Soccer 16 – 2. Now about to collapse in bed before heading to my new job tomorrow (where I don’t have any idea where I should be going yet. Head Office or On-site?)

Bugger it. I’ll just make it up in the morning.


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7 responses to “1800…

  • Skye

    Were a happy team at Hawthorn .. were the mightly fighting hawks we love our club and we play to win …. hehe nice to hang out in my neck of the woods! See you next time your in New York!

  • Mick

    Had a great time Skye! Next time we know where to park ๐Ÿ˜›
    Bloody Hawks…and that bloody theme song. Was stuck in my head for hours.

  • LaLa

    I could be wrong, but that path by the lake in the last photo, kinda looks like the bit of river that Kylie dances along in “Got To Be Certain”.

  • LukeO

    You won soccer 16 – 2!!! Thats a goal every 2.5 minutes!!! Is this a typical game for you these days?

  • Knocksie

    Curse you for putting a picture of a meat pie on there, curse you!!! If it’s one thing (apart from tinned beetroot) that I miss about Australian cuisine, it’s meat-bloody-pies.

    The french do the most ghastly excuse for a sausage roll. They literally put a hot dog sausage in some pastry. Ick. And the only way for us to get meat pies is at the local “british” store. Needless to say, it’s a poor substitute for the real deal.

    I’m pregnant & hungry, you evil man! Give me meat pies!!!

  • Mick

    If I could send a Mrs Mac through the mail to you Knocksie, I would!!

    I know what you mean though. I craved for a decent Sausage Roll so much when I was in the US last year. Fortunately an Aussie guy had set up a store in New York (Called the Tuck Shop) and they sold authentic Sausage Rolls and pies. They were awesome.

    LukeO – Yeah..a goal every 2 minutes in fact! (8 minute quarters) We were on fire, but the opposition were about 10 years old!

    LaLa – Wow! I think you’re right! Check it out at 2.12 mins in Damn. I thought she was supposed to be my girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Skye

    Wow I’ll have to watch the film clip when I can get real Internet access int he States :(……….. were all for one and one for all thats the way we play at Hawthorn we are the mighty fighting haaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwks .. its a great song .. maybe not one that would be written by APS1 .. but I would give it an ARIA!

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