Only 87 Days to Go!

I’m an un-abashed, long-time, life-time Simpsons fan.

So, yes, I am pretty damn excited about the Simpsons Movie that is coming out on July 27 (just in time for a special someones birthday :)).

The net is buzzing with the news that Bart does some full frontal action near the beginning of the movie.

However, apparently the script and the movie is changing so quickly that even Matt Groening doesn’t know what’s going to actually finish up in the movie. So this is probably just a PR stunt to get the hype machine rolling.

Not that it will need it. I am sure that when this film comes out it will kill it at the box-office. Even up against other big US Summer movies like Shrek The Third, Die Hard 4.0, Transformers and Harry Pooter.

Can’t wait to see Homer on the big screen. It is going to be special, and even though I first discovered them when I was 12, at 30 they are still an amazing influence on me.


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