Where to go from here…

So, I haven’t written much about where I am living. That’s because there hasn’t been much to write.

Aside from a few annoying traits, it has been very peaceful living in this sharehouse with the 2 guys here.

Annoying traits? Yes. A few –

  • Older bald guy leaves his PC, Monitor and TV on EVERY SINGLE DAY. I mean, fuck, I am paying a third of those power bills (and being the Eco Wawrriors I am ) and you’re chewing it up with being lazy. I sometimes turn off the TV, but don’t touch his PC.
  • The garage door is not locked and sometimes the internal door is left unlocked. No-one seems to check it but me. I personally don’t have that much stuff, but hey, I don’t want  it flogged.
  • The little dog that Older bald guy has drops these little white hairs EVERYWHERE. I find them in my mouth as I am sleeping for fucks. Oh yeah, and leave your bedroom door open for a second and he’ll be in there pilfering a sock. (the dog, not the guy) Try to take it off him and you’re likely to get your hand bitten off. (Just ask my son..)
  • Younger sexually ambiguous guy is very quiet and is hardly there but would it hurt to clean the bathroom or toilet once in a while? Oh yeah, and flush the freaking toilet so it doesn’t smell like your piss every morning.
  • Food has been very easy. We don’t touch each others food and that’s fine with me. Washing up on the other hand? Sometimes I would prefer NOT to have to wash up the filthy fat encrusted pans that are left behind for days…

But all this will change, as Older bald guy is getting his GF to move in with her daughter, which means I am outta here. I have until the 16th of June to get out.

Anyone got a place??

I put an ad in allhomes and have had a couple of responses. It’s so much nicer getting emails offering a room than emailing around begging others.

Not looking forward to moving, as I have accumulated quite a few bits of furniture already since being here, but hey…it’s how it’s gotta be i guess.


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3 responses to “Where to go from here…

  • Alyndabear

    Blech, I hate moving. I hope you find a place that goes smoothly.. and without any weirdos. Or at least, without MANY weirdos.

  • LaLa

    I would so try to find a place that you either live by yourself or, if that’s not possible, share with one other person.

    Any more than that and you are ASKING for trouble!

  • Eternal B

    I am so bummed i only just read yr blog (after trudging through the grizzles of ‘Google’ using ‘Tenith’s’ old blog as a starting point!) as i had a spare bedroom in my 3 bedroom house (own bathroom fridge etc) but, i guess this information is of no use to either of us now! :/ Although – i have a friend that might want a someone..?

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