Shower in under 4 minutes? Try these!

A’la Hudson Hawk, Peter Garrett has come out in the paper today with a list of his favourite 10 under 4 minute shower songs….

I am bloody impressed at his list, so here’s my thoughts and then my own list…

Garrett’s Shower Singing Guide

1. Friday On My Mind: The Easybeats (length 2:47, litres 25)
Garrett Says – “This one speaks for itself.”
Mick Says – “Damn, I could hardly wash my armpits in 2:47, but good song!”

2. Rain: Dragon (length 3:39, litres 33)
Garrett Says – “We need more of it.”
Mick Says – “Cute, Pete. Singing about rain in the shower. Why don’t we just sing ‘Singing in the Rain’?”

3. Cigarettes Will Kill You: Ben Lee (length 3:50, litres 35)
Garrett Says – “The line ‘I wish everyone was wrong’ kind of sums up where the climate change debate is at.”
Mick Says – “Does everything you say have to be political. I don’t know if singing Ben Lee in the morning is a good thing…”

4. Roll On: The Living End (length 3:08, litres 28)
Garrett Says – “Loud and raucous with a social conscience.”
Mick Says – “Good choice. I might slip as I am dancing in the shower though. Need a warning on this one..”

5. To Her Door: Paul Kelly (length 3:18, litres 30)
Garrett Says – “A classic from an artist who captures Australia better than most.”
Mick Says – “Oooh. One of my favourite old Aussie songs. Worth 30 litres.”

6. Success: The Winnie Coopers (length 3:19, litres 30)
Garrett Says – “Fantastic home-grown hip-hop.”
Mick Says – “I wonder if Pete listens to JJJ. Nice choice and a top band.”

7. Everyday Formula: Regurgitator (length 2:11, litres 20)
Garrett Says – “One of the finest Aussie bands of recent years, and clever songwriters.”
Mick Says – “Ok, this list is officially complete with the Gurge included. I reckon I have sung this song in the shower before….but probably about 7 times in a row..”

8. Don’t Panic: Coldplay (length 2:17, litres 21)
Garrett Says – “We certainly do live in a beautiful world.”
Mick Says – “Hmmm…Coldplay? That’s a bit slow for a morning song, but only 21 litres. Score!”

9. Desire: U2 (length 2:59, litres 27)
Garrett Says – “Passionate rock from one of the world’s great bands.”
Mick Says – “I always repeat the ‘Desiiiiiiiiiiire’ but too much. I think if I sang it, it would end up being 6 minutes long…”

10. Straight Lines: Silverchair (length 4:18, litres 39)
Garrett Says – “This one’s just over four minutes, but you can use that time to start brushing your teeth.”
Mick Says – “Clever Pete, but cheating. Are you in cahoots with Daniel Johns?”

Nice. 8 out of the 10 are Aussie songs too.

But what about these?

1. Flithy/Gorgeous: Scissor Sisters (length 3:52, litres 36)
Mick Says – “If you can get that Bass line in your head and think about transforming yourself to gorgeous. It’ll work :)”

2. Don’t Go Now: Ratcat (length 3:12, litres 29)
Mick Says – “Short, catchy, easy to remember the lyrics. Bring back RATCAT!”

3. People of the Sun: Rage Against the Machine (length 2:30, litres 23)
Mick Says – “If you can actually understand those freaking lyrics. Perfect for firing yourself up in the morning…”

4. From The Sea: Eskimo Joe (length 3:23, litres 31)
Mick Says – “C’mon. You know the words! It’s about water too. Catchy as hell..”

5. La: Old Man River (length 3:20, litres 30)
Mick Says – “If you could get a whole group in your shower to sing the La bits, you’ll enjoy the shower more…”

6. Short Memory: Midnight Oil (length 3:53, litres 36)
Mick Says – “Pete was modest in not including one of his own. It’s short enough…worth the 36 litres. “

7. Animal: Pearl Jam (length 2:49, litres 25)
Mick Says – “Short. To the point. Angry and easy to remember. Perfect for those showers when you are running late for work. Shit. I am now..”

8. M+M’s: Blink 182 (length 2:39, litres 24)
Mick Says – “Fast and catchy. Gotta love this old Blink stuff. And if you move enough in the shower, you don’t even need to wash yourself!”

9. Mr. Brownstone: Guns N’ Roses (length 3:48, litres 35)
Mick Says – “Oh, I am sure you ALL know the words. We’ve all danced to this before. Get into it!”

10. Burn Down the Parliament: The Herd (length 3.54, litres 36)
Mick Says – “Just make sure Pete is out of there, then burn away. Bit of Hiphop will make the shower go fast…”

There we go. My Top 10 Shower Songs. Give it a go!


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