Week of the Anzacs

Had a fantastic weekend in Sydney. Will post photos from the Rockin’ For Rights gig later.

Back at work, blah, but looking forward to the day off in the middle of the week this week.

Also, looking forward to the fact this is my last proper week of working in this job. Last day is May Day next Tuesday and then starting the new job on the 7th. It’s all happening!

So, I am thinking about taking the kids to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service on Wednesday morning. I have never ever been to the War Memorial for Dawn Service and the first dawn service I have been to was last year in Washington.

I’d like the kids to understand what it’s all about, but maybe Mr. 3yr old may not grasp it yet…

I’m also worried that they might no stand still for long enough and it will be a bit hard to get a 8, 5 and 3yr old up and going at 5am!

What do we think?


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One response to “Week of the Anzacs

  • Stuart

    Do it – it’s an eerie feeling standing there in the dark and hearing those marching feet approaching – but it’s something the kids will never forget.

    Most kids- even little ones – feel the impact of the scene around them and don’t play up.

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