Oh Brother! It’s Back!

I sure hope the rumours are true and that Big Brother decides to evict 5 housemates in one week during the season, because the initial bunch certainly are not too crash hot.

Ok, so we only got to see their ‘package’ (not THAT one…and probably not at all this season) and about 5 minutes of ‘play’ in the house but already we can determine a lot about this gang of (mostly) white ‘pretty’ high-heeled, blonde , spikey haired mob.

Aleisha – 20 – VIC – Hairdresser
Seems nice enough. The young one. Not a natural blonde. (duh) Bit of a country girl. I think she’s ok, but she’s never read a book, cover to cover. (duh again?)
Chances of winning – 4/10 (until her or her hair grows up or out)

Andrew – 28 – VIC – Firefighter
Apparently a decent bloke. Firefighters body (of course). Seems very confident and moralistic . Will win over housemates with the ‘hero’ and the ‘good bloke’ angle.
Chances of winning – 7/10 (until the fire alarm goes off)

Bodie – 24 – WA – Electrical Designer
What the hell is an Electrical Designer and what sort of name is Bodie? This guy probably wouldn’t even be able to tell you IF he had a brain. Was a complete airhead with Gretel and not much better once he got in the house.
Chances of winning – 1/10 (less if he keeps talking)

Emma – 24 – NSW – Personal Trainer
A trainer or a trannie? That’s the nasty rumour, but apart from her fugly face, she doesn’t seem to be offering much to the fans so far. Not looking forward to what comes out of her mouth. But what will go in? (Oops…did I say that?)
Chances of winning – 2/10 (may go up when he ‘comes out’)

Hayley – 24 – VIC – Lawyer
Lawyer Schmawyer. Seems that she had to tell everyone quick smart about her degree so they don’t confuse her with the ‘dumb’ ones. She also body sculpts. Do you do that with clay? Don’t like her at ALL.
Chances of winning – 3/10 (higher if she stops talking)

Jamie – 29 – VIC – Karaoke Host
Not sure how anyone can live on a Karaoke Host salary, but this self-proclaimed nerd is already the most popular (according to Official Site). Most identifiable and ‘real’ person in the house. Seems to be socially inept, but will surely come out of his shell to achieve nerdvana.
Chances of winning – 9/10 (until his nerd trivia is exhausted)

Joel – 24 – SA – Restaurant Manager
Not sure if waiting tables makes you a manager, but this up himself ‘elite athlete’ offers little to the house from what I’ve seen. Will be noisy and opinionated and probably try to cook. Would probably do well to keep his mouth shut.
Chances of winning – 3/10 (more if he  shaves his head)

Kate – 25 – VIC – Enquiry Officer
Terrible dress-sense, worse makeup and even worse voice. Probably thinks she’s going to win over the housemates with her ‘quirk’. I am sure that will actually make her the first evicted. Champion debater and accepted into Oxford. Maybe she should have gone.
Chances of winning – 1/10 (gets 1 just in case we all want to laugh some more)

Rebecca – 24 – QLD – Events Manager
My early favourite in the females. Seems to be a bit wacky to make up for her sobrietry and religion. Could potentially drive the guys crazy with her ‘game’ ideas and drive the girls crazy with her ‘wackiness’, but the fans will like her. Just give her more milk..with Kahlua..
Chances of winning – 7/10 (more if she falls off the wagon)

Thomas – 27 – WA – Real Estate Agent
NEVER trust a real estate agent, especially one that calls himself ‘genuine’. Was married but is separated, and she wants him back. Tall bastard that will probably have trouble in those little beds. Seems nice enough though and may have already started flirting with TJ.
Chances of winning – 6/10 (more if he gets it on with TJ)

TJ – 22 – NT – Bar Attendant
A cute bar girl and sole ‘natural’ brunette in the house (What is with that??). I think she’ll go far, but has a danger of being ‘picked on’ by the Big Brother producers I fear. Seems the most normal girl in the house, but from the sounds of things is already flirting it up.
Chances of winning – 6/10 (less if she gets it on with Thomas)

Travis – 32 – VIC – Truckie
The only genuine bogan in the place and his voice annoyed me after 5 mins. Calling Gretel the ‘Big G’ was funny though and I think he’ll last a while. Has a weird lookin’ kid and a wife, but seems pretty decent, but will be loud and opinionated. The only 30+ person in there.
Chance of winning – 5/10 (more if he cooks a good Barbie)

So there we have it. A pretty ordinary bunch. 2 more will be going in tonight from the wildcards…

…but from the look of them, I think only the blonde girl (Susannah) would be any good, although the afro-haired PNG raised kid (Cruz) could create some tension with his male dominant beliefs.

I missed all of BB last year, (the US version is terrible), so I am looking forward to getting hooked on it again. I am not an ‘every-night’ watched, but I will keep track of what is going on with the update shows and I like seeing the nomination and eviction nights.

Obviously none of us should be tricked into believing there will be no prize money, although I am sure that’s what they want the contestants to believe. It’s a nifty ploy to see if they will play the game differently if they ‘think’ there’s no pot at the end of the rainbow. I am certain that they will surprise them again and give out the Mil at the end of the season.

BB made the distinction of saying that “…as of Today there is no prize money…”

Duh. Too obvious. I am sure some of the HM’s would have heard that as well, but will keep it tight-lipped.

Keep an eye on Behind Big Brother , (plus many other blog reviews),  for all the latest news, goss and behind the scenes stuff (that the Official site tries to stop them from getting!).


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4 responses to “Oh Brother! It’s Back!

  • Alyndabear

    I vowed not to watch BB this year but found myself suckered into the beginning of last night’s show – the fact that they are all the same age (and intelligence, no doubt) sort of put me off.

    I think that Kate looked SHOCKING last night. Absolutely shocking. And the more I look at Gretel, the older she gets. Still has a better body than me, but I think I like my face a wee bit more. (Just a random observation!)

    Meh! I’ll do the vote off shows and the recap shows and that’ll be it. Unless I happen to be eating dinner at 7pm in front of the tv, and the show happens to come on…. haha.

    I miss Biggest Loser already! BRING ON IDOL!

  • Mick

    Yeah, my interest in BB has waned over the years (and with everyone it seems looking at the ratings), but I like to at least know who is who when I’m making conversation with people 🙂

    So who’s gonna win TBL Aly?? I think Marty should…

    And yeah, every season seems to add another layer of makeup onto Gretel’s face!

  • LaLa

    Well, I LOVE Gretski. I think she is fabuleuse.

    Though I think her pants are a little too tight around the crotchal area tonight.

    I just made up 2 words.

  • Jessy

    LMAO Mick. You summed everyone up so well. I reckon the real estate guy looks heaps like Ian Thorpe in a very “not gay” kind of way. He provides ample eye candy. Can’t stand the bogan guy, but I’m not at all big on bogans period.

    I like the Mormon girl and the token wog is a bit cute and funny but I reckon he’ll get really unfunny really fast.

    And Kate the stupid debating mole. Her eyeshadow… omg what was she ever thinking! And her clothes??? I wanted to stab my eyes out just so I wouldnt have to look at her anymore, but then I figured my hearing would be sharpened so I might end up hating her voice more.

    Let’s hope she goes first!

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