No Pyking. Just no response!

Fine then. I’ll go by myself!

I have never been to a concert alone.

Just like I have never been to a movie alone.

Maybe I’ll run into people I know. I mean, it is Canberra after all.

Well, it will give me a chance to take some photos without worrying about who I am there with.

I am obssessed with the Boudist at the moment, and other great band photographers.

I think I want to do that.


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7 responses to “No Pyking. Just no response!

  • Dan

    I go to gigs by myself all the time. It ain’t that bad.

    Taking photos ought to keep you company. Although i find shooting singer/songwriter types rather dull. There’s not much variety in what you can capture.

  • LukeO

    Hey Mick
    Sorry can’t make it.
    But just so you know, The Jets are playing in Canberra tomorrow night. So if you can’t make that Sydney Gig, get on it. I think its at the Venue?
    I will check it out and put the details up on PANTS.

  • Mick

    Dan: Yeah, I guess there’s only so many sitting and standing shots you can take of a singer-songwriter! Maybe I’ll find something exciting in the crowd…

    LukeO: G’day mate! Yeah. I saw the Jets are playing here tomorrow night, but I will be at the RockinforRights gig in Sydney, so will definitely see them there! I’ll have to catch them next time they’re in town…

  • Alyndabear

    You will have a good time on yer lonesome, because you are cheerful and social and all that jazz 😀

  • ChickyBabe

    You’re not alone… if you have a camera :).

  • MadameBoffin

    I go to the movies by myself but not sure if I could muster the courage to go to a concert by myself. I guess it wouldn’t really be a big deal, especially when the music starts playing. Mind you, half the fun of going to a concert is the social aspect – enjoying it with your mates so it’s a shame you have to go alone.

  • steph

    Never been to a concert alone, however, I have lost my friends in the mosh pit a few times….does that count?

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