Review: 300

Another Tight-arse Tuesday journey took me and Stevie (or is that Stevie and I?) to Hoyts Belconnen to see 300.

This movie crept up on me and Stevie was actually the first person to show me to previews a couple of months ago. Then I found out it was Frank Miller and that it was all done on a green screen and then I was bursting to see it!

I loved Sin City, not only for Robert Rodriguez and Tarantino‘s involvement, but for the adaption of a comic book into the big screen using comic style direction and cinematography.

You see, every scene in 300 is taken straight from the original comic book, and that is so damn cool. I am a big comic fan (see: Geek) and used to collect Batman comics like a fiend when I was younger. I still have them all, but my comic collecting days have ground to a halt. I guess I outgrew it, but I also ran out of money to fund my hobby (especially when each comic started costing $5 each).

So, with the evolution of Computer-generated Imagery making the impossible, possible in films today, it’s so good to see a film adaption bring drawings to life and make it look REAL.

From the oversized elephants, to the Persian-smashing storm, to the sun-blocking arrows, to the wind blown meadows, this movie just looked so real, but you always know, in the back of your mind that what you are seeing was re-created on a computer. It doesn’t matter though. The scenery, the battles, the characters make this movie come alive.

One thing I also liked was the graininess of the film, which I presume was done intentionally to make it appear more ‘comic-like’. While you lose the crispness of a high definition movie it makes it more authentic.

Ok, so enough of my comic book crapping on. How was the movie?

Excellent! I think it’s a great story and an important historical event to bring to people’s attention. I didn’t personally know about the Battle of Thermopylae (The Hot Gates) until recently, but it’s an amazing human feat that the Spartans performed back in 480 B.C.

The acting was really good. David Wenham‘s narration (although with a strange accent) was solid and the performance of King Leonidas by Gerard Butler was spine-tingling. (Stevie noted that he shouts a lot)

As I mentioned, the scenery and the feeling of the movie made it especially impressive. Some of the wide screens just made me grin, nod and go “Whoa”.

Perhaps the movie is not true to the real-life story completely.

It was entertaining!

Perhaps the depictions of the persians and the strange and diverse army were not accurate.

They were made to look distinctively different to the Spartans. Fair enough to me!

Perhaps the violence, blood and gore were a little over the top.

I think the blood was justified and kept within the context of the film.

So, there we go. I like. Maybe you won’t, but oh well, stiff cheese! ๐Ÿ™‚

4 Blood Splatters!


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