I could buy their whole back catalogue for that…

Good: Guns n’ Roses are coming back to Australia.

Yes, yes…it’s old news now, but the pre-sale tickets went on sale this morning.

The plan was, that a bunch of mates and I would go and relive 1993 (Eastern Creek. AMAZING)  as we rocked on down to the new combination of Axl Rose + the rest.

Bad: Floor tickets? $170!

What the Fuck???

Does Axl really expect us to pay that to stand on the floor?

That is for GOLD tickets. Silver ones are $119, which I MAY consider.

I’m pissed off though. I can’t really justify spending that much to see them when I only just saw them a few months ago in Baltimore for $80 US.

Will it sell out? I think it will, but not in a hurry.


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3 responses to “I could buy their whole back catalogue for that…

  • LaLa

    That is an extremely over-ambitious ticket price. There is ONE original band member left and they had.. what… maybe 2 decent albums?

    I don’t think even ELton charged like that…

  • LaLa

    And I think you could buy their whoile back catalogue for about $50… 😀

  • Skye

    That SUX music is meant to be about the passion man not the money .. or the ladadadidada .. hehe as they say in the puffy song. bring on evanescence 35 dollar tix baby .. hehe well in the US anyways… I’ll do my best November Rain for you for free?? would that help hehe .. even tho I dont like them :(????

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