I can’t say it any better..

Thanks Gem for writing exactly what I would have. (but not so eloquently …and stuff)

Having lived in the US for a year I experienced the gun-mania first hand. They take it so seriously over there. And there are heated arguments in bars about the ‘right to bear arms’ and comments are made like, “I need a gun to protect myself from all the crazies that have guns”.

If there has ever been a lose/lose argument, it is the right to bear arms. (arming bears on the other hand…)

Guns are entrenched in US society, almost as much as religion is. It will take a shitload of effort and an enormous campaign from a brave president to make that cultural shift.

In the meantime, these incidents will keep occuring. I can remember 4 or 5 seperate cases of a shooting spree somewhere in the states while I was there. I don’t even know if they were all reported in Oz.

It took ONE such incident to occur in Australia for laws to be changed and feelings towards firearms to change.

How many will it take in the US?


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7 responses to “I can’t say it any better..

  • Alyndabear

    I don’t understand the fascination, they are so bloody dangerous and after so many tragedies, WHAT AREN’T THEY GETTING?

    Terrible. 😦

  • aurelius

    The ridiculous thing is that the right to bear arms has nothing to do with individuals and their own weapons. Yet no-one in politics dares to say so over there.

  • sevanetta

    The main thing about the Australian one for me was the fascinating conspiracy theories that came out of it… ah, conspiracy theories.

    But yeah, it’s terrible, and I wish everyone the world over would just put down their damn weapons.

  • Mick

    Aly – I know. It’s just mind-numbingly stupid to me, but we ARE talking about the US here.

    Aurelius – It’s very true. The other ridiculous thing is that the amendment was written in the 18th century. Times have changed just a little..

    Gem – Ed-zackary too.

    Sevanetta – Welcome! Oh yeah…those theories are pretty far fetched! In the words of Peter Garrett. “Put down your weapons, or we’ll all be gone…”

  • Jessy

    “because its in the constitution!” ….

    it shouldnt really be funny, but it’s so ridiculous it reminds me of an episode of the simpsons …remember when homer decided to get a gun and lisa said, something like,

    “The second ammendment is just a remnant from revolutionary times, it has no meaning today!”
    Homer; “You couldnt be more wrong lisa! if i didnt have this gun the king of England could come in here any time he wants and just start shovin ya around! do you want that then? HUH? DO YA?”
    Lisa: “no :(”

    good ole simpsons, making fun of everyone’s stupidity.

  • Skye

    sad sad sad 😦 ………..

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