I am now a pet owner.

Well…as soon as I pay for it and pick it up (Only 50 bucks!)

I am buying this…


It comes with a few guppies and catfish, but I plan on having a thriving community soon!

Thriving is good, cause then you don’t notice the dead ones so much. 😉


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4 responses to “Fishy…Fishy…Fishy…FISH!

  • Alyndabear

    Fishies! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

    Don’t suppose you want a red eyed biting rabbit to um, put next to your fish tank?

  • TJ

    The fun part is trying to work out which one is going to the be the rogue bastard fish that eats all the others.

    I had the Gourami From Hell a while back who devoured the others then went belly up. I flushed him, he came back to life and SWAM BACK UP THE U-BEND and I had to fish him out of the bowl and stick him back in the tank.

    Goddamn zombie fish. He had a funny blue tinge to his fins from the Blue-Loo after that.

  • Skye

    i want to name one when i come to canberra .. can you get a puffa?? i loooveeee puffas!!

  • Angie

    Doing stuff on your own is fine. Been doing stuff on my own a long time now — movies, concerts, pubs, biking, etc. Even vacations. Was weird at first, but now I dont’ even think bout it.

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