Parra, Punching, Pork and Balloons


Yes indeed I did!

The Eels had a great win on Friday night. I was all pumped up to watch it with my kids (one goes for the Panthers, the others go for the Eels.) I was jumping around when the Eels hit the lead and giving my son high fives, but then the Panthers came back and my daughter started grinning.

As the game got more exciting into the 2nd half, I turn around and all the kids were snoring on the couch.

Oops. Guess they were tired! I’m surprised they didn’t wake up from my yelling at the TV as the Eels went on to get 3 in a row. WOO!

Went to a Karate lesson on Saturday morning with my lil’ girl. I have never really been a martial art fan (when doing it myself), but I found it was quite fun and challenging. It’s was my daughters 4th lesson and she was starting to get a hang of some of the moves and the great yelp on the 10th punch, kick or block! (Kee-hai or something?) I was picking it up as we went (apart from starting on the wrong side all the time) I am sure I stretched and used muscles that I haven’t in 10 years as I could feel it yesteday…

An older Asian man ran us through a series of punch and block moves. Can’t remember what it was called, but it was a fairly long thing that I am sure I won’t remember! The funny thing was, this guy had a kiwi accent. It was sorta weird seeing this brown belted karate expert teaching me moves whilst saying, “Now spin around to your lift and block with your right hand.”

Had a delicious roast pork dinner on Saturday night. (The best of all roasts) with piles of crunky pork skin (I LOVE crackling) and stacks of good company. Early to bed to get up at the arse-crack of dawn..

Canberra Dawn

 to go and see these things…

Balloons and Sky

There were some novelty balloons for the kids (and there were enough of them there!)

Kick this Footy!Mike balloon

None of the balloons actually took off from the lawns of Old Parliament House yesterday, (because of the wind direction that might take them towards the flight path at Canberra airport. Wimps.) but there were plenty of inflated balloons on the ground and then a few drifting above us and landing as we left.

It was a beautiful morning though and when the sun was out and the coffee was in the hand, I started to feel human.

Finished off with breakfast by the lake at Black Mountain Peninsula.

Balloons over Lake Burley GriffinMore Balloons over Lake Burley Griffin

Lost Indoor Soccer, but shaved my sons head, so all good 🙂

How was yours?


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