Egg-cellent Easter (complete with Corny Egg title)

Well, it’s an Easter Monday morning, where I am up WAY too early and for some reason I am blogging.

Smart. No?

Our family has few traditions, but Easter Sunday morning is one of them.

Ever since I was a wee lad, we have trekked out to my Oma’s place to dig in to a huge Sunday morning breakfast complete with Hot Cross Buns, Ham, Cheese, Croissants and lots and lots of coloured Hard-boiled Eggs. When I was young, us kids used to do the colouring ourselves, mixing all the food colouring around in little containers to try and get the funkiest colours we could. Bright yellows, reds, blues and of course the always attractive brown (when you mix all of the colours together)

Colourful Boiled Eggs

With our European background we have always performed the ritualistic ‘Egg Tapping’. This is where you carefully select your coloured egg of choice, you choose the pointy or blunt end and then you ‘tap’ the egg with an opponents pointy or blunt end. If you egg breaks, you lose. Of course when you have someone who smashed their egg on your yours for effect and then they break their own egg, it’s karma filled excitement!

The kids love it and end up tapping all their eggs like crazy but then when it comes to actually eating their dried-up yolk-filled morsel they spit it out and reach for another uncracked egg to tap with someone else!

Once the kids stuff their faces with breakfast the ‘Easter Bunny’ suddenly appears at exactly the time when all the kids are inside playing with the curtain shut! It’s amazing how smart that Easter Bunny is..

Then there’s the sound of 5 screaming kids running around the backyard picking up every single little egg they can find to fill their basket. Every year that bunny seems to go overboard and get way too many little morsels of chocolate to make the kids sick!

This one's MINE!
Shiny Egg Pile

As is tradition, all of the eggs (that aren’t individually named by a very literate rabbit) are poured into a big pile and are divvied up amongst the kidlings. Their basket of sweet teeth-rotting goodies are then ferried away to be consumed over the next 6 months. (That’s how long it used to take me to go through them all!)

Don’t you love how we wolf down these little choccy eggs that are like $5 for a kilo at Go Lo and taste terrible? They are somehow addictive and you can’t have just one. I ate way too many little eggs yesterday and not much else until dinner! Ugh…I think I need a wholesome breakfast..

Pancakes anyone?

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