The Cruise Control Dance

Had a lovely couple of days at Jervis Bay.

Except for:

  • Sand-blasting winds that burn your calves and face
  • Sideways rain as you are trying to swim at a rocky beach to show your kids that it is possible to swim at any time and we are at the beach so we are going to swim dammit.
  • Sister perforating her eardrum from the drive down the mountain

Kids had fun, and that’s the main thing!

Although, now I am damn tired and could do with a couple of days off to recover!!

On the way back, I had fun driving through the windy roads of Kangaroo Valley, Bundanoon and Exeter, but it’s when I hit the Hume Highway that I played with the cars doing the Cruise Control Challenge.

I love cruise control. It just makes highway driving so damn relaxing. I set the speed to about 118km/h and then go about overtaking as many drivers as I can who still think they will get booked if they over 115. But occasionally you come across a driver who has set their speed to about the same as you and thus the dance begins.

You see, most cars manufactured in the last 10 years have cruise control, but every car is different. Some aren’t so good at keeping the right speed going up a hill, and some don’t regulate the speed coming down, so cars end up going up and down and up and down all the way, especially on the hilly parts of the Hume.

My flashy newish Honda Odyssey (yeah wagon. Shut up.) has a great CC. It stays at the same speed almost perfectly no matter if there’s a hill or not and so when you come across another car which goes up and down you end up doing the reeealllly slow passing maneuver back..and forth. Neither of us will stop our cruise control because that would mean actually changing our speed, so it just happens, over and over. Slowly passing each other up and down hills.

I like to follow a car, or have a car follow me for a long distance. It helps to keep your speed in check, and if a cop IS going to get you, you always have the chance that he’ll get the other car instead 😉

Mind you, I need to find things to do in the car to keep myself awake when everyone else is quiet and almost asleep and you have to concentrate on not dozing off to the dolcet tones of Snow Patrol.

Oh yeah, the other thing I like to do on the highway? I try to keep the inside track all the way. So, I will change lanes to make sure I am on the inside of corners. I have this weird theory that it cuts off like 2 minutes on your trip because you are driving that itty bitty bit less. It also helps you to overtake drivers more cause you have a better racing line. (Do NOT listen to me LaLa. I am not a good teacher!)


Anyway…tomorrow is Bunny Day. Big Easter Egg Hunt with the kids at my Dad’s place including a huge breakfast before hand. It’s an annual tradition since I was a wee lad, so I’m looking forward to it.

I will stuff myself stupid and not need to eat till Tuesday.

Except for chocolate eggs.

Lots….and lots…of chocolate eggs.

(hehehe..It’s a Happy Tree Friend egg. Cool)


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2 responses to “The Cruise Control Dance

  • Alyndabear

    Oh Cadbury Creme Eggs..

    Effing diet.


  • Jessy

    Ahhh the good ol;’e pacer-car … I used to use pacers when I was driving back and forth from Gosford all the time… Unfortunately my car isnt fortunate enough to have cruise control… unfortunately i’m not even fortunate enough to have a car at the moment. *grumble*

    Happy Easter, Mick!

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