The time has come….to say fair’s fair.

A personal hero of mine, Peter Garrett,  has announced that he will go against party lines and oppose the ALP dumping of the ‘No More Uranium Mining’ policy.

Kevin Rudd has indicated that he supports the rejection of the policy and would allow further uranium mining in Australia, but no additional Nuclear Power Plants. Hypocritical much?

Garrett finally gets to challenge his leader but also gets to share (with Rudd) bearing the brunt of Journalistic abuse that ‘Moral Crusades are not good politics’ (Can you believe that SHIT??)

Garrett claims that he is not selling out his beliefs.

But at least he knows the real reason he is in the ALP…

“I think that’s part of the greater good of being in the Labor Party and getting (Prime Minister) John Howard out of government.”


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