How to make your boss cry…

…without kicking them in the crotch.. 

So, I told the boss today and it was hard. Fucking hard. I paced around outside his cubicle a few times…pretended I was doing something else…chatted about banal stuff and then finally just bit the bullet.

I guess that if your boss is upset and disappointed to see you leave that it’s probably a good thing and a reflection of your work, but it just makes it frigging harder. It was hard enough for me to tell him, but when he said that he really hoped that I would last and that no-one’s left within 3 months before and mentioned how much money had been spent on me getting the position, I felt like the smallest little dogturd in a pile of big dogturds.

I am not very good at saying things to people that I know they don’t want to hear. That could be a flaw or it could be a positive part of my personality (depends on the situation…) but even when I know that I am ultimately making a decision that is best for me I start to think that it is the wrong one.

He told me that they had big plans for me and that he was hoping to get me into a different area after my first year, and get me trained up in Microsoft stuff (MCSE). Blah blah blah. I didn’t know what to say. I tried to impress on him that it wasn’t just the money as to why I wanted to go. (I didn’t want to sound like a money hungry bastard) But there were too many things about this new job that made it too good to deny.

Well..the hardest bit is out of the way. I feel a little better, but I always hate the limbo stage when you have given notice at your job. Straight away you feel like an outsider and that you don’t belong. I hope these next few weeks go fast.

Oh yeah, and they don’t like you taking sick leave after you’ve given notice. Bastards. I’ve tried that before.


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7 responses to “How to make your boss cry…

  • Alyndabear

    The hard part’s done — now let’s just hope you dont’ catch a cold or anything in the next couple of weeks.. 😉

  • LaLa


    I am a bit like you. He would probably say all of that to me and I would go “Oh, OK, but only if you give me an extra day off.”

    I am a sucker.

    Well done on having some cojones.

  • Malnurtured Snay

    But kicking them in the balls is so much FUN!

  • mez

    ha, well you have to take the sick leave and annual leave first, THEN you hand in your notice 😉

  • Stuart

    Nice little manipulation job he was trying on you. Don’t feel bad about it – if it suited them they’d sack you tomorrow whether you had another job to go to or not.

    A true professional wouldn’t have tried to put the guilt trip on you

  • Mick

    Aly – Thanks! I’ll try not to catch anything. Pity about these cold Canberra mornings!

    LaLa – Yeah, the path to stay is always there, open, waiting, but apparently the worst thing you can do is stay or accept a counter-offer. What that’s what the net says 🙂

    Snay – Welcome! And yes. It would be fun, but could be a bridge burnt? 😛

    Mez – Yeah…should have. Pity I have bugger all racked up anyway!

    Stuart – You’re right. But so many times I have had bosses who have just been unprofessional pricks when I have announced my resignation. I don’t know what it is. They’re just trying to save work for themselves. But they just come off as ungrateful bastards mostly…

  • Tammiodo

    well you could have just kicked him in the balls… then he may have fired you and you would have saved yourself all the heartache.

    Or not.

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