All it needs is a little water and TLC…

I am glad that I have returned to the ‘Blog World’.Besides regular blogging being fun and a good hobby, I have met new great friends, so what more could I want?

Well there is..

– Just about to reach 5,000 views on this new incarnation of my blog.
– Being No. 47 on the list of Growing Blogs yesterday.
– Reaching 100+ views a day, with about 20 – 25 regulars.
– Hits from 60 different countries (I seem to have the Middle East covered)

It’s the regulars that I am particularly happy with.

I seem to get 20 – 50 views a day from people searching for sexy womens breastsΒ  ‘celebrity women’ and ‘sexy women’, so that fattens up the stats, but I can tell that I have a lot of returning visitors as well (Thanks to Statcounter!)

I have 120 blogs in my Bloglines Feed now and I am keeping up to date with it pretty well. Maybe I should get more sleep πŸ˜‰

I will be heading up to Sydney again this weekend (Go the Eels!) and who knows, I might even meet another blogger buddy.

I popped a new header image on yesterday too. I took that picture with the timer and had the camera balanced on a collapsed tree while I was in a park, near a creek in Washington. It was the start of Autumn, the trees were turning, and the leaves were everywhere. It was a really nice day.

Anyway, just a small thanks to those of you that read and to those of you that lurk, come on out!

PS – Oh yeah, and I have that 2nd interview this arvo. Will let you know how I go tonight!


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7 responses to “All it needs is a little water and TLC…

  • LaLa


    What have you got planned in Sydney this weekend? It’s Earth Hour on Saturday you know, so I hope whereever you are, you turn off the lights like a good ecowarrior.

  • Mick

    Only special people get to be on the Growing Blogs list…
    …like Beyond My Mind, a Programming and research related blog.


    Lights off on Saturday hey? Sounds like a plan.

    All of Sydney in darkness?
    But what about the terrists?

  • Stuart

    Those are interesting colours in the top graphic.

    I thought it must have been a photo you took back when the bushfires hit Canberra.

    Good luck with your interview

  • Mick

    I used a Filter to take the colour out of the photo except for my face.

    That’s why everything else looks B & W πŸ™‚

  • Alyndabear

    I want to be on a list! Someone put me on a list!

  • ChickyBabe

    Congrats on the hits!

    I’ve had an addictive relationship with my statcounter until recently. I get plenty of hits about which part of the chicken eggs come from!

  • Jessy

    Oooh youre going to meet Alyndabear, she’s luffly, even if I do only remember her in her 13 yr old teenager former self. She may just have a very busy weekend!

    Good luck on the interview πŸ™‚

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