Boring Arse Work Stuff…

I haven’t talked about work, mostly because I sorta can’t, or I could, but I sorta don’t want to.

Anyway, I had a job interview on Wednesday arvo with another private IT company. This is a big company with about 30,000 staff worldwide. I am currently with a smaller Australian IT company, with maybe 500-700 staff Australia wide.

The interview was with a retiring manager who was given the recruiting job as a way to see out his last week (lucky him), and it ended up being a casual chat with this guy, 1 on 1, in the IT recruiters office. It was strange. We just chatted about the line of work, talked about America, politics, sport and the annoying public service. Didn’t feel like an interview at all.

It turns out that he wants me to go for a higher level position where I would not only be in a specialist position where I would have to create processes and liaise with vendors, but would also be responsible for 3 other staff.

Holy crap. Can I supervise 3 people?


I am really hoping I get this job. I think that at this ripe old age of 30 it’s about time I took that step up from being a technical IT snot and started taking control of my area of expertise instead of relying on dickhead managers who wouldn’t know their USB from their Firewire.

So after my lovely chat with the old chappy, he has lined up an interview with the technical folk. NOW I have to do my homework. I have been out of the Lotus Notes field for over a year and I am starting to think I could be rusty.

Lotus Notes you say? Half of you will be going, “What the fuck is that?” and the other half will be saying. “You work with that piece of shit program. Fuck I hate it. I want Outlook”

But none-the-less, it is my area of expertise and although I considered ditching it and ready in a new direction recently, but just when I think I’m Out…it “Pulls me Back In”

For the ‘What the fuck is that” people. Lotus Notes is a… “… proprietary, client-server collaborative software and email system owned by Lotus Software, of the IBM Software Group.”

Or for the non-wiki-everyday user description. It’s a slow-arse chunky dated application that gives you email, but is not Microsoft Outlook.

However, Lotus Notes also gives you the ability to create applications within itself that you can use for Payroll, HR, tracking how many widgets you have, Footy Tipping Competitions (my personal favourite) or just about anything you can think of. This is where the “POWER OF NOTES” comes in.

Oh fuck…I should shut up. I am really sounding like a Notes Nerd now.

Basically, Lotus Notes is a niche. I am stuck in that niche, and for right now it’s not a bad little place to be.

Just wish me luck in the interview… πŸ™‚


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