Musical Meme…

Meme thinkthink it’s timetime forfor a newnew MeMe

Thanks for the tag, LaLa!

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.”

Ok, just wait as I open up iTunes…..





I am a bit of a new music freak, so some of you may not recognise the songs I dish out here, but trust me they are GOOD! Email me and I will send you any that you would like!

Also, I have 11,000 songs in iTune and I try to listen to something new all the time so I don’t really repeat songs all that much, but these songs have been played at least more than once in the last month or so!

1) Maximo Park – Our Velocity – The new single from this catchy poppy pommy band. I am obsessed by new music from England and this song will get you moving and grooving and singing.

2) Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs – Continuing on the same track, this is the new single from those crazy pommy bastards. Loved their debut album and their new one is just as good as I have been listening to it on a bit or repeat 🙂

3) Paper Aeroplane – Angus & Julia Stone – Many thanks to Enny for getting me on to this song and this band. I didn’t know who they were at the Big Day Out, but I have really been listening to their stuff since. This song was on Enny’s Mix CD. (Thanks!) Aussie siblings with a great laid-back style and Julia has a very distinctive voice. Check out their website! You can hear their whole EP, and it’s a pretty funky site.

4) Once Upon a Time – Air – Air is air is air. Their new album is not different, and is not a new path for them, but that’s what makes them so great. Their chilled out French tunes with wacky lyrics are enough to get me listening over and over and over…

5) Maybe I’m A Leo – The Atomic Bitchwax – I have a mate called Alex to thank for introducing this band to me when I was in Washington. They are pure stoner rock at it’s best. This Deep Purple Cover stands out from the stuff I have been listening to recently, but I don’t listen to any one song more than any other.

6) Golden Skans – Klaxons – Triple J flogged this to death a few weeks back and I loved it, and then it came off high rotation! So their album is now safely tucked into my iTunes and I can rotate it as often as I want! More poppy, catchy Brit Pop!

7) New Slang – The Shins – Haven’t really gotten into the new Shins Album yet (working on it), but I still play the “Song that will change your life” (from Garden State) a LOT and love love love it.

There we go. Eclectic I guess, but also a bit samey. I go through phases of what I feel like, and lately I have felt very….chilled…and British.

Ask me again in a month and that list might include Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Trivium and Carnivool, or Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Crowded House.

But you get the idea 🙂

I don’t have 7 people to tag really…but how about anyone that feels like it. Just let me know!


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3 responses to “Musical Meme…

  • LaLa

    I have heard of TWO of those bands…

    and I listed Dolly Parton in my meme.

    How embarrasing. Remind me never to let you look at my ITunes 🙂

  • Enny

    Everyone should buy both the Angus & Julia Stone EP’s – FANTASTIC!!!

  • Living in Canberra

    Try these ones:

    1 Arcade Fire – Intervention (this is just so majestic and powerful)
    2 Arcade Fire – Windowsill
    3 Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (great fun song, very catchy)

    (yes, I’ve been playing Neon Bible to death lately)

    4 TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me (love how it just drives along frenetically)
    5 New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show (great pop music, love the chorus at the end)
    6 REM – World Leader Pretend
    7 Neko Case – Hold on (great voice, song is somewhere between country and pop)

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