Wine, Wedding and Song..

Whoa. I’m glad this is a long weekend, because I will need another day to recover after a big big night last night.

It was the wedding of an old friend of mine out near Orange at a beautiful vineyard.

Excellent short and to the point ceremony overlooking the vineyard.

The ceremony view

I am a big fan of these sorts of weddings. There was not much you could really trim from the ceremony. There was a short explanation of what a marriage is defined as (which will hopefully be changed to being between 2 people and NOT just between a man and a woman one day. Fuck you Johnny). There were a few poems read out by family and friends. There were the vows, the rings, and the kiss.

Badda Bing Badda Boom, they were husband and wife.



After the obligatory photos and time wasting before the free grog started, we kicked off the reception festivities with beer, samosas, chicken kebab sticks, beer and little pizzas. And then, because we were at a vineyard, I thought it would be a good idea to start drinking wine instead. I drank 5  8  lots of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and by the time the speeches finished and the main course was served, I was well and truly on my way to the point of no return.

And when Sweet Child O’ Mine was played, I couldn’t help myself from spinning on the dancefloor with Yellster doing Slash air guitar solos. (no photos of that, fortunately, but there’s these…)

Yes, we are the Gunners.

I just couldn’t help myself…

I have not had too many wines!

The cake was excellent.

Very original!

Wedding Cupcakes!

The chocolate ones were best (sorry Ed. 1 was just not enough.)

So I was dared to scull a bottle of beer at around midnight, which of course I did. It didn’t last long though as I quietly excused myself and returned the beer to wence it came. The latrine.

I was well and truly toasted and the night wrapped up as the bride and groom did the old farewell circle thing.

Ed and I found the last taxi in Orange back to the Country Comfort (who apparently had had 2 runners that night already. Gotta love the Orange locals) and I stumbled into bed and passed out toooo quickly.

Woke up at 5am, still wearing my shirt and pants and with my mouth tasting like the arse-end of a toilet brush.

One successful wedding!


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