Part of the family..

She was the perfect dog.

She didn’t jump.
She didn’t dig.
She didn’t bark.
She didn’t make a mess.


She did bring happiness.
She did enjoy running around your ankles when you got home.
She did love to go in and out and in and out and in and out.
She did love to nestle her head on your leg when she was on your lap.
She did love to lie in the middle of your legs  on the bed.
She did have the cutest face and sweetest temperament.

She was very loved by the whole family but especially by one very special person.

We pet her.
We said our goodbyes.
We watched her reach peace.

We cried.

We buried her.

Thank you Tessa.


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8 responses to “Part of the family..

  • Enny

    Oh – I’m so sorry to hear it – the loss of a pet is such a sad thing… :o(

  • LaLa

    Tessa is now in doggie heaven, chewing endless bones and sleeping under someones feet.

    My Grandma is up there, she will look after her.

  • Jess


    That made me really sad (and in fact I kind of teared up) it reminded me of when my doggy of 16 yrs died. I’m so sorry that you lost your lovely Tess.

  • Aimee

    so so sorry. ::sniffles::

  • Katie

    The house feels empty now,
    I look outside, I see her bowl, her mat,
    I even see some old ham that she didn’t eat still lying on the ground.
    I’m expecting to see her walk up the stairs, or out from a bush…
    but then i see the freshly dug ground and a dog sized box,
    …. I’m brought back to reality.

  • Skye

    I cant believe our doggys died only days apart .. Storm will look after her .. I wish I had the chance to see him go to heaven and pat him one last time and look in his big brown eyes … but like Delta said sometimes you gotta sacrifice the things you like .. she was stupid she musta never had a doggy as amazing as Tess and Storm .. lol. see you in Canberra in a few weeks and we can give each other a big hug xxx

  • Agimum

    I am so sad too, when I was still at home she was my daily companion, she was my confidante, she knew all my secrets, my sorrows, my torments, she consoled me and gave me unconditional love like no one ever has and even when I went away I still often felt her love and devotion near me. Those beautiful liquid brown eyes, that gorgeous, cute face…….Tessa you shall live on in my heart forever….farewell!

    And to the one who loved her the most, my darling Katie, be consoled that she will always be with you in your heart and she will look out for you and protect you and love you forever.

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