Spinning, Spending and Sleeping..

It’s been very hard to get into a rhythm today.

After 4 days away from the office I feel like my wheels are spinning in the dirt and I’m not moving anywhere.

Maybe I’ll find some grip and dig in and actually start moving….some time around ….Wednesday…

I am so poor at the moment. I hate being poor, but then when I am flush (Wedneday!), I wonder why I can’t live like I am poor at the beginning of the pay-cycle so that when I reach the end of the fortnight I can still have money.

Maybe I should try that. Pretend I have no money until next Wednesday and then start spending for one week and then I’ll be ok when I get my next pay and I won’t be scrambling for peanuts on the weekend before payday…

This reminds me… I’ve always liked the idea of making up your own sleeping and waking patterns.

I once read a story about a guy who would sleep on an 18 hour cycle* , so that sometimes when it was 4 am, he would be in the middle of his day. I always found this very interesting. Imagine if we all just had our own cycle and determined when we slept or awoke. Why do we need to be tied down to a regime of day and night. Who says night is when we have to sleep?

Night and day are something that I think we all just presume is set in stone. I like the idea of being able to get up, feeling refreshed and awake at 1am and starting your day. I guess that is how it is for shift workers. I have never done shift work (11.30 to 20.00 doesn’t count). I admire people who can do it.

I have just been reading about Polyphasic Sleep. Sleep for 30 minutes, every 4 hours. It’s only around 3 hours a day, but some people say this can lead you to have 21 hours of alertness a day. Hmm…3 hours of sleep a day? I could handle that. I mean, I like my sleep, but how much of our life is wasted with shut-eye? (219,000 hours or 9,125 days if you get 8 hours a night for 75 years!)

I have always been a huge advocate of the traditional 8 hours a night (8 1/2 if you can get it). I personally find I am a much nicer and happier person when I’ve had a good chunk of sleep. But I still struggle to get up in the morning, even with a nice 8 hours under my belt (not that I wear a belt to bed. That would be just weird).

I dunno what I am crapping on about today, but hey. I just felt like typing….something that wasn’t printer/pc/email/annoyingpeoplewhothinkthey’remoreimportantthanthenextguy related!

* Could have been 20. Could have been 30. I can’t actually remember how many hours it was.. Anyone heard this one?


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5 responses to “Spinning, Spending and Sleeping..

  • Stuart

    Having been a shiftworker – and now trying to work in with clients who are mostly in America and Europe – from my perspective, trying to work in with those people and still live something like a normal life here is not easy.

    Fortunately my partner is the front person for the business so she works the same times – and all our kids are grown up so the pressure isn’t as hard to handle as it could be.

    Still 3am starts and 11.30pm finishes kind of suck.

  • Mick

    Bloody hell mate. 3am till 11.30?

    I guess running your own business is almost a 24 Hour venture. Especially when dealing with OS clients. How do you switch off?

    How do you take holidays?

    Not envious at all!

  • Stuart

    When we take holidays we take our laptops with us. When we came up to Hervey Bay on holiday in 2001 we had to plan our trip based on which motels had Internet connections.

    Fortunately that’s all changed now – just about every motel has a connection to the Net of some sort and if they don’t then she-who-must-be-obeyed has an I-mate phone and both laptops have bluetooth.

    Switching off used to be hard – especially when our offices are just across the hall from the main bedroom – but we’re learning how to do it 🙂

    I used to think that people who owned their own business really needed psychiatric help but now we’ve been doing this since 1998 and I’d never want to go back to earning a wage.

    And not every day is quite like that – I didn’t get out of bed till 4am this morning 🙂

  • Alyndabear

    I love my sleep.. but you’re right, even if I go to bed EARLY I still have trouble getting out of bed. Why is that?

    I’m going with your idea though, I’ll just drag out a mattress, my Ipod and tell the kids to shut it every four hours. Yep. I like it.

  • Aurelius

    I not sure, but I think Dr Karl said that, left to our own devices, our natural rhythm would run on about 23 hour days. Which means of course that over weeks, we’d get out of synch with the clock.
    Maybe in a few million years, when the Earth slows down, we’ll reach a kind of circadian nirvana??

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