What’s Up Doc?

So I went for my Quadrennial (Only 4 years!) doctors appointment today.

I had a list.

4 items were on this list.

  • Eye (bloodshot and tennis ball?)
  • Moles (I have lots, but I can’t see them!)
  • Gout (sore)
  • Dizziness (funny dizzy spells last year)

Now, my doctor is a funny old bugger. A super nice guy, but getting a little doddery. He had a medical student with him who he would continually ask questions of. It was pretty interesting to hear how she went but it was also a bit strange being talked about when I was sitting right there.

But the doc has a way of responding to my comments with laughter. As if to say, “Oh you loser, what the hell were you thinking..” However he also has a way of not making you feel like you are about to die, which I do like. He is cautious, but not a preacher of doom.

So, his diagnoses? (I’m all up for the fancy words today)

Gout – “So you haven’t seen a doctor for it even though it’s happened for years? Righty-o. We’ll need a blood test to check your uric acid levels”

Eye – “Your eye looks fine now. If you had an damage to it (after the tennis ball smashing into it a couple of months back) then it has healed now”

Moles– “Wow. Look at them all. This one looks dodgy… Check this one out… Pigmentation. Hmm..don’t like the look of this one.. They’re freckles..Righty-o, here’s a letter of referral to see a Skin Specialist…”

Dizziness – “So it happened twice, once in a doctors surgery (laser eye surgery) and you haven’t seen anyone about it? Well, I just want to see it happen in front of me to know what it is. It could be…[insert long arse medical term here] or maybe [something to do with blood sugar]. The blood tests should help us out there..”

So, blood tests. He is going to check EVERYTHING. I have never had blood taken before (consciously anyway), so I am sort of interested to see the results.

Then, the medical student tested my blood pressure (Woo…125 over 80), but she checked my pulse and said, “He has a regularly irregular heartbeat”. What the? Apparently my heart appears to be missing a beat every now and then which can make checking blood pressure a bit difficult.

To be honest I have noticed this before (when taking my own blood pressure on a funky machine), but I just thought the machine was playing up or it wasn’t picking up the beat properly.

So now I am getting an ECG next week as well to check to see if it is VEB (or Ventricular Ectopic Beats). Nothing serious apparently, but he just wants to make sure.

Now. See why I don’t go to doctors very often? They come up with all sorts of crazy stuff. And that was just in half an hour!

I guess peace of mind is a good thing, and maybe this will help.

I also wonder why I have been so slack with seeing a doctor. Is it the cost? (we spend more on our cars than ourselves) Is it the poking and prodding? (I like a poke and a prod now and then) Is it the feeling that they are going to tell you you have 4 weeks to live? (Nah. I don’t think I have reached that point of no return just yet) Is it because I am a stubborn male who thinks that Doctors are a waste of time? (Yeah, that’s probably it..)


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4 responses to “What’s Up Doc?

  • LaLa

    Bring on the Clag… you are officially falling apart 😀

  • Alyndabear

    Pah, at least your doctor(s) actually CHECKS things. I swear, I could be dying of an exotic disease and they would just recommend… well, you know. Gah!

    I’d love to get a blood test done and checked for ALL the things wrong with me. I don’t mean that to sound quite so .. excited.. but it’d be good to know.

  • mez

    I have that crazy old irregular heartbeat thing too!

  • Agimum

    Wow the things you find out about your child that you never get told….hey did I forget to mention that from 30 on it’s a down hill spiral…he he he! Na you’lle be right look at your 2 grannies both still kicking and one is 93!

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