The Drugs DO work (what do you know ‘The Verve’)

Aaaah Calvary Hospital. How I love thee.

I took at trip to the Emergency Room this morning and expected to be there at least a couple of hours. I took a good book (Terry Pratchett’s ‘Reaper Man’) and got dropped in.

Walked on in and gave my details to the reception girl. Saw the Triage Nurse immediately and then sat in the waiting room. Kerri-Anne was crapping on about something, and I settled in for a good read. There was just one other person in the waiting room at the time. Usually this doesn’t mean crap as people seem to come from nowhere to jump in line (especially when my case was probably No. 259056 in order of seriousness).

Within about 30 minutes I was called in by the Doc, and she gave my foot a quick glance, a bit of a squeeze and asked a few questions.

My self-diagnosis appeared to be right, but maybe I made the mistake of telling her too much.

Apparently it is almost certainly gout and because I have it in the family, there’s not much to be done. I will probably have to take preventative tablets for the rest of my life.

Bugger, but whatever i need to stop this damn pain is fine with me….

But for now she gave me a script for Indomethacin Capsules. These things seem to be doing the trick. it’s only been about 2 hours since I had them and already the pain has dulled and the swelling gone down.  (“Indometacin is a potent drug with many serious side effects “…..and don’t read the Adverse Effects!!)

I have got 100 of the ‘potent drug’ and 3 more repeats. Woo Hoo!

Maybe I should drive up and see the Gurge in the Gong tonight…..


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