And before you say, “see a Doctor…”

…I have an appointment next Tuesday, and I can’t get one today or until the earliest, tomorrow arvo.

But I digress..

I am at home today cause I can hardly walk. It’s not the first time. I seem to get these intense inflammations in my feet now and then.

About a month ago, I got it in my right foot, in the ball of my foot near the big toe. I have had it in this spot before and because my Dad has gout I presumed that’s what it was. However, it took quite a while to settle down (over a week which is longer than usual) and that was with me drinking lots of water and taking anti-inflammatories (Nurofen-Plus, Voltaren).

There had been a twinge in my right toe for even a couple of weeks after and just as that one disappears, suddenly yesterday morning I woke up and lept out of bed (as I do, because of course I LOVE mornings…cough cough) and my left foot had a cracking pain in it. On the top of the foot above my 4th and 5th toe. It hurt like a bastard all day yesterday (and they made me walk around everywhere. Damn clients..) It’s like a throbbing, pulsing heat that feels like it is pushing against the muscles and bones. There is no bruise or damage to the foot. Feels very internal.

So anyway, according to my self-diagnostic skills I have determined that it’s almost certainly some sort of arthritic condition. Perhaps gout, perhaps something more serious, but either way I am sick of hobbling around once a month.

But you know what’s weird? I used to get this when I was in Canberra before I went over to the US. But in that whole year in Washington, I did not get anything like this. not even once. What is it with this place? Is it the beer? Is it the food? Is it a reaction to the thunderstorms?

Buggered if I know.

So, I have a Doctor’s Appointment next Tuesday morning. I have a list of ailments for him. It may sound like I’m a whinging bitch, but bear in mind I haven’t been to a doctor in around 4 years!

Bloody Hell. You turn 30 and all of a sudden your body tells you to look after it.

So I will get him to check out:

  • Killer Pain in feet
  • Weird bloodshot eye
  • My stupid tooth (haha..I will avoid the dentist yet!)
  • My unknown dizzy spells from last year
  • My moley (moley moley moley) back, neck and shoulders.

Hopefully that will give me a little piece of mind….

…or he’ll just tell me I’m falling apart.


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4 responses to “And before you say, “see a Doctor…”

  • Alyndabear

    Yuck.. Perhaps they’ll offer to stick you back together again if you ask them nicely? And eeeeurgh. Dentists. I just got a reminder today to go back.. can you say HELL NO?

  • LaLa

    Go to the Doct…. oh.

    Well, at least you don’t have Pharyngitis. I am quite offended that Wikipedia said it was commonly known as a “sore throat”

    Take some Bostik with you, he can glue you back together with that.

    Or Clag.. smells good.

  • Enny

    Ooh! Keep us updated! I luuuurve doctor visit stuff ;o)

  • Aurelius

    Re the foot Mick, I had something similar last year. Turns out I was walking too much. Proving once again that exercise is a bad idea!
    A week of anti-inflammatories and all was good.

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