My 10 Favourite 2007 Oscar moments..

1. Will Ferrell’s Hair in the little (odd) song about comedians at the Oscars.

2. Ellen’s hosting. Snappy, sarcastic and almost always funny. (“Well we’ve come to the end of the night……What? Don’t take that tone with me..” Oh, and the “Ellen Oscar Bjorn”. Classic.

3. Diane Keaton hopped up on goof balls at the end of the night presenting the Best Picture award. It was commented that Jack probably had his hand on her arse as well. Funny stuff.

4. Meryl Streeps’ stone-faced response to Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt taking the piss out of her. They were right, she is an excellent actress!

5. Beyonce looking like her head was about to explode as she belted out that Dreamgirls song. Calm down girl, it’s just a song!

6. The sound effects orchestra. What the hell was that? And where was Michael Winslow? Also, the shadow people making up Movie images. That stuff was cool.

7. Jack Nicholson’s Head.

8. Happy Feet winning best Animated Film! Fuckin’ Oath! I love this movie. I think it’s more than just a kids movie. Really well written.

9. ‘The Departed’ winning Best Picture and Director (for Martin Scorcese). Definitely worthy of the prize and so glad that it was recognised. Leo should have won something, but he will get his chance I am sure…

10. The End. Bloody Hell. 4 1/2 hours? Crap. Just finish already. And next time ditch the American montage (or filmy collage as I like to call it).


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One response to “My 10 Favourite 2007 Oscar moments..

  • Dean

    Keep your hands off the montages, they’re one of my fave bits. If anything, get rid of the artistic interpretations of the Best Film nominees. Human shadow puppetry? Huh?

    I can see a day where sound & cinematography will be bumped to the technical awards and there’ll be two oscars ceremonies; on screen and behind the camera.

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