Lalalalala…I can’t hear you….lalalalala

Oscars are on tonight.

I am trying hard to NOT hear any of the results before I watch it.

I have this obsession with not knowing the results of things before watching it.

When Channel 9 used to show the Footy delayed on a Sunday night I used to be so pissed when I would accidently hear the score in the news. (I remember Ian Maurice playing “For Your Eyes Only” as the score would appear on the screen)

One time, when the Cricket World Cup was on in Sth. Africa, a supposed ‘mate’ was watching the delayed telecast with us but decided to go home cause he was tired (2 am. wuss). Then he got home and rang up my place and told us who had won and how.

We were all so pissed off because we had stayed up till 2.30am watching it so far and were keen to see how it ended.

Yeah, we disowned him as a friend after that. Sorry ‘Mouldy’.


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