Sometimes things don’t always work out how you plan.

Sometimes things work out better!

I went up to Sydney last night. I went to see the Gurge at the Gaelic and to meet to delightful Lala.

Roey, Lala and I spent a fantastic night drinking, chatting, drinking and chatting.

Such a god time in fact that by the time we realised we should line up for the Gurge it was SOLD OUT!!


Or so I thought.

Although I was disappointed to have missed my fav Aussie band (I will try again in Wollongong in a couple of weeks!, and also to have missed meeting another Sydney Blogger (Get well Aly!) the company well and truly made up for it and the night was nowhere near a loss as we chatted about the universe, life and how to measure the size of your property.

Sometimes you click with people and that’s what I felt last night. I always strive to be honest and to portray myself as ME online, so if you ever do meet someone you have met online in person, you don’t surprise them with this ‘other’ person you appear to be.

Sometimes you just know that you will get along well with someone because you feel that there is some sort of unspoken connection to them.

Sometimes someone is just so lovely that it is impossible to not get along well!

Thanks for a fun night Lala, and hope you made it to the Blue Mountains in one piece, Roey!



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5 responses to “Sometimes…

  • LaLa

    The best intentions and all of that. Who knew that missing a concert could be so much fun?

    Now where did I put that coaster with the instructions on how to measure your property?

    Let’s do it again soon (though I can live without the graze on my elbow from the wall at the pub)

  • Alyndabear

    Awwwwwwww. Lovely! Next time, eh?

  • Aurelius

    Reminds me of the Robin Williams character in Good Will Hunting. Seen it?

  • Mick

    I have. But in what respect does it remind you of him?
    I haven’t seen that movie in around 10 years.

  • Aurelius

    In the movie, Williams’ character tells a story about how he missed a baseball game that later became one of those legendary games. He was in a bar with his mates waiting for the game, and a girl walked in. When it was time to leave and head to the stadium, Williams stayed and talked to the girl instead. Your story reminded me of that scene, where he tells the story.

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