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It’s nice to be blogging again, and especially nice because I feel that I am becoming part of the blogunity again. I am getting hits from places I used to visit and discovering new blogs and great people along the way.

Here’s a sample of some of the new (and old) places that I have discovered over the last few weeks…

Great to read Incognito again. A new incarnation of an old blog and good to see a return to good ol’ Canberra. Speaking of Canberra, there has been newbies like ComicStripHero, A Matter of Perspective and NastyKindaGal. Took me a while, but I finally found The ‘crustacean’ again at Whale Sushi. Also The Lost Legionary is still around!

Thanks to the world of blog links I stumbled across the delightful Lala at Julaberry and from there have discovered other great blogs such as Alyndabear, Nikki Pea’s Plog and Candyland.

I am intrigued to follow the Aussie Rock Chick in Melbourne as well. It’s the rock star inside me…

I have 80 blogs in my Bloglines now. No wonder I never sleep!

So c’mon peoples, tell me more more more. I want to hit 100!


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10 responses to “Blog World

  • Angie

    80? I wish I only had 80! I have 519. I have to work to get my list under 500, just to find one day it is over again. I live for the day I am under 300 again.

  • Aurelius

    Thanks for the mention Mick – I didn’t realise you are a past reader.
    I read yours every day.

  • LaLa

    Well, you already have 3 of my favourites listed but here isa couple of others I luff:

    The fabulous JT waxing lyrical on Blog is as Blog does.

    The beautiful Lara, although I love a bit of light reading, Lara’s blog makes me think, and sometimes, cry.

  • Enny

    Highlight my sidebar and Open All In New Tabs and I PROMISE you’ll make 100!

  • Alyndabear

    I don’t use Bloglines because I’m terrified I’d get suckered into reading a bajillion blogs.. so instead, I stalk my sidebar and my sidebar-ee’s sidebars.

    ‘Tis nice to stalk you too care of the lovely Lala.. I hear I’m now going to the Gaelic on Friday, so shall see you there? 🙂 Happy blogging..

  • nick cetacean

    Ha ha ha…

    You owe me a CD.

    What do crabs and whales have in common?

    They never forget…

    Finally linked to you though.

  • Jill

    I can point you some interesting blogs, depending on your preferences…

  • Mick

    Angie – 519? Crikey! How do you find the time?

    Aurelius – Thanks so much! I will be keeping an eye on yours as well! Great to hear from you.

    Lala – Definitely going to check out JT’s, and Lara’s I have seen a little. Pretty full-on stuff!

    Enny – I took your advice and I opened them all in tabs in Firefox. Holy crap!! There’s a lot of them! I now have 106 in Bloglines. It seems you have a lot of Melbournians in your blogroll!

    Alyndabear – You’re right about Bloglines. It is dangerous and chews up a lot of time, but I love knowing when my favourite blogs are updated, and even though it lags a little, sometimes you can get those comments in before anyone else! Can’t wait for Friday! Looking forward to meeting you both and seeing the Gurge!

    Nick – I am so embarrassed. I really DO owe you a CD. If you email me your address I will make up for it with a recent CD that I have made up to remember my US experience! Thanks for the link!

    Jill – Always interested in some interesting blogs Jill! I actually jumped to a couple that have commented on yours and found some good ones, but always happy to check out more. Chuck the links this way!

  • nick cetacean

    S’ok. Don’t really mind.

    Just thought I’d be annoying.

  • Enny


    Let me know which ones you added =o)

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