The Last King of Scotland. A non-spoiler review.

Well, I can tick one off the list!

I saw The Last King of Scotland tonight. Opening night at Belconnen Hoyts and there were 9 people in the cinema.

It’s not going to be a long run people!

When I first saw the title of this movie, I just presumed, obviously, it was about Scotland. Well this is about as far away from Scotland as you can get. Uganda in the 70’s under the dictatorship of Idi Amin.

We have seen these sorts of movies before. Gritty ‘real-life’ stories about murderous dictators in nations that seem so far removed from our own peaceful lives. But it’s within movies that you can let yourself imagine and pretend that you are there, living the life of the characters in the movie.

The life of a young Scottish doctor gets turned upside down when he decides to travel to the second place his finger lands on when he spins the globe (Canada might have been safer). He picks Uganda and from working on impoverished villagers he ends up working as the new president, Idi Amin’s personal physician. This man has charisma, charm, confidence and power. Or so it seems.

I must admit, I did not know the story of Idi Amin before this movie other than the mentions of his name when I was young. Not much is ever mentioned about him nowadays, but he only died 4 years ago in exile.

The reviews about Forest Whitakers performance are all true. He is amazing. You cannot fault the performance and not once do you not believe that he IS Amin. Powerful, complete and subtle. It had everything. I really want to see the other Best Actor nominees but it really would be hard to top this. I’d love to see Will Smith pull out something like this! ( I wouldn’t. It would be sad)

All the supporting cast were excellent. I don’t really know James McEvoy (aka Mr Tumnus in Narnia’s TLTWATW), but as the Scottish doctor, he was excellent.

Everything about this movie just worked. I think any movie that draws you in, makes you live the character and feel that you have experienced something real has done a great job.

So, I give it 4 and a half Scottish Ales


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