Gurge at the Gaelic

My favourite favourite favourite Aussie band, Regurgitator are playing at the Gaelic Club in Sydney next Friday.

I am very very tempted to drive up Friday arvo and see them.

Should I?

Alternatively there are playing at Waves in Wollongong a couple of weeks later.

Anyone in Sydney want to come along? Any Gurge fans out there?

Or did you all give up after Unit?

Quan has got to be the nicest guy in Rock n’ Roll. A real legend. I remember staying up to all hours watching them live in the bubble on Channel V.

I felt like I knew them all personally after that. So much so that when I saw Wolfmother in Washington, Stu (the roadie who was also in the bubble) was Wolfmother’s roadie and I called out ‘G’day Stu’ to him. He must have had no idea how I knew his name, but he smiled 🙂


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